Confessions of a Control Freak

Belinda Raisin - Confessions of Control Freak

How does a control freak live a balanced life when she is caught between conflicting lifestyles?

Belinda Raisin gets to the heart of this question in Confessions of a Control Freak presented at The Butterfly Club as part of the 2013 Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

Written and performed by Raisin, a former ballerina and self-confessed control freak, Confessions is a well-crafted monologue interspersed with a familiar balance of show tunes and pop songs that maintains an affectionate rapport throughout.

Embodying her alter-ego, Frances is a bundle of contradictions in her quest for balance in an extremely busy life. At times irreverent and unashamedly funny, the door is opened to Frances’ quirky life to include ballet en-pointe, the obsession of making lists and the misguided virtues of procrastination.

Raisins comic ability shines in the moments of manic physicality – from a Bikram yoga class to serving an appreciating audience red wine whilst on rollerblades, the performance never allows itself to be taken too serious.

Amongst the quirkiness, Raisin is meticulously accompanied by pianist Jamie Teh. One easily forgets, and I’m sure some members of the audience didn’t realise until the end, that Teh is totally blind. Making the performance all the more special.

Confessions of a Control Freak
The Butterfly Club – Carson Place, Melbourne
Performance: Wednesday 3 July 2013 – review by Rohan Shearn
Season concluded

Image: by Lauren Connelly