Composed - Bed Rock ProductionsThrough the lens of professional classical musicians, Composed explores the many ways we experience and can address performance anxiety. Faced with the judgment of peers, audience, conductors, and worst of all themselves, these musicians spend years trying to understand and overcome the physical and mental manifestations of their anxiety.

Like no film before it, Composed illuminates the attractions and challenges of music making,” says Gerald Klickstein, Author of The Musician’s Way. “Its portrayal of musicians overcoming performance anxiety opens doors for all performers to surmount obstacles and rise to their potential.”

Directed by John Beder, Composed is a 78 minute documentary film that features musicians and mental health experts from the US and UK, including members of major US orchestras, like the New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic and many more.

Through their stories, we learn valuable lessons learned over a lifetime of professional performance; and we find that we are not alone in our quest to overcome the fear of failure and embarrassment. For anyone wanting to feel strength over fear and compassion over judgment, or simply seeking a closer look at anxiety and what makes us tick, Composed opens the door to a world of high stakes, high pressure, and peak performing.

Composed reveals so much that I wish I’d known growing up as a performer: how the very best get nervous and find various ways to excel nonetheless,” says Nathan Cole, First Associate Concertmaster – Los Angeles Philharmonic. “We need to be having these conversations out in the open, and Composed starts the process.

John Beder is a filmmaker and percussionist. In 2008 he graduated Boston University with a degree in music performance during which he discovered a passion for filmmaking. During his studies in Boston, Beder himself was left feeling isolated as a musician struggling with performance anxiety.

Beder’s passion for this project comes from first hand experience and the desire to create dialogue around this common issue musicians experience but rarely discuss. Composed is John’s debut film and worked in IT before pursuing this project.

Treasury Theatre, 1 Macarthur Street, East Melbourne
Screening: Friday 15 September 2017 – 7.00pm

Following the screening, a Q&A with the film’s director, John Beder will take place. For more information about Composed, visit: for details. Watch the trailer below!

Image: Musicians featured in Composed – courtesy of  Bed Rock Productions LLC