Comedy for the Curious

Robyn-Perkins-hosts-Comedy-For-The-CuriousPiglet at Gluttony, is a small, outdoor shipping container stage, they do have quite effective shade cloth although the sun’s 1.00pm position exploits a gap so its the performers who need to decide whether or not to wear their 15+ sunscreen.

Host Robyn Perkins loves science, metrics and spreadsheets. Exactly as the fringe guide describe, she presents the main topic from a science perspective, and introduces two comedians to expand less scientifically on the topic, and then a comedians vs audience quiz game.

I had the unique opportunity to see the show twice, and apart from the change of topic and of guest comedians, the other main difference was whether or not there were kids in the audience.

On Saturday, the topic was cats vs dogs, probably a good one as there were kids in the audience, but then the pace was slowed a little, the performers also have to also apply the 15+ block to their material.

Even then it’s still a lot of talking for kids to keep up with, and due to the daytime spot it began feeling like I was back at Adelaide Writers Week.

On Sunday, the shade cloth gap was identical although the day was less overcast creating a stronger spotlight. The topic this time was decision making.

Being an older topic there were much more visuals, and without any kids in the audience, the two guest comedians Matt Grey and Ollie Horn, didn’t have to rub any 15+ “decision making’ block on the material, so it flowed so much more enjoyably.

A powerful example that when comedians are allowed to enjoy their material, it allows an audience a greater capacity to enjoy it with them. At unfettered +15 speed Robyn’s metrics dazzlingly slice and dice with insight like a metrics myth-buster.

All was forgiven, for Robyn being apologetically American, I was glad to have revisited the  show, because scientifically two case histories have given me a better metric for my audience.

Comedy for the Curious
The Piglet at Gluttony – Rymill Park, East Terrace, Adelaide
Performances: Saturday 18 March & Sunday 19 March 2023

Image: Robyn Perkins hosts Comedy for the Curious – courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

Review: Dan McInnes