Come Away with Me to the End of the World

Ranters Come Away With Me To The End Of The WorldIndependent theatre company Ranters Theatre presents the world premiere of Come Away with Me to the End of the World at the Malthouse Theatre from 7 July 2016.

A voyeuristic performance, which invites the audience in on a series of intimate conversations between three people who are trying to reshape their physical and emotional selves. As we eavesdrop on these three figures, moments of eccentric dance and song erupt, and the disparity between their actual lives and their dreamed selves resonates intensely.

Directed by Adriano Cortese, and starring Heather Bolton, Beth Buchanan and Patrick Moffatt the production takes the three characters across the globe from snow-topped mountains to erupting volcanoes, visually realised by award-winning visual artist Callum Morton. As they glide to the edge of the world, the chasm between their actual lives and dreamed realities opens up.

“This project grew out of a discussion about some of the current experiences and observations about our own lives,” says Cortese. “We began to look at the idea of ‘surviving your dreams’ – in particular how we survive the collapse of our dreams, both personally and culturally.”

Conversations between strangers has long been a focus of Ranters Theatre. Creating original work about people and the intricacies of human behavior continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration making them the masters of voyeuristic theatre.

Previous Ranters Theatre work includes the multi-award-winning Holiday (2007), Intimacy (Melbourne Festival, 2010), Affection (toured to Cardiff and Buenos Aires, 2007), and I Know that I Am Not Dead (Festival Of Live Art, 2014).

Direction: Adriano Cortese Featuring: Alessandra Barone, Natasha Colangelo, Tania Dionisio, Lucia Gareffa, Vincenzo De Simone, Joseph Sirianni, Ourania Vassis, Rosa Voto Design: Callum Morton Sound Design: David Franzke Lighting Design: Govin Ruben Costume Design: Belinda Hellier Choreography: Jo Lloyd Musical Director: Evan Lawson Tarantella: Rosa Voto Executive Producer: Robina Burton

Come Away with Me to the End of the World
Beckett Theatre – The Coopers Malthouse, 113 Sturt St, Southbank
Season: 7 – 24 July 2016 (previews: 5 & 6 July)
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Image: courtesy of Ranters Theatre / Malthouse Theatre