AAR-RUMPUS-ColdhandsAn original story exploring the climate crisis through the fantasy genre, RUMPUS presents Coldhands by Dora Abraham for a limited season from 22 November 2022.

Winner of the 2020 Flinders University Young Playwright’s Award, Abraham’s immersive world-premiere production invites audiences into a world of demons, sacrifice, and gold to remind us of the importance of connection through language and story.

Set in an imagined but potentially probable future all the gold in the world has been stolen by the fabled Aurum Daemon. During an annual hunt for sacrifice near a post-mining town, a mother teaches a sick girl to read.

Fleeing through a forest, they encounter a nomadic Hunter who has connections to the land and speaks a language they do not understand.

Together, the three embark on a journey of survival to relearn the workings of the world and their impact upon it, all while holding onto their secret… the Girl can turn things to gold.

Creator Dora Abraham says this production explores themes that audiences might find confronting but are ones we must face.  “I wrote this production in a fictional world but one that really is not so difficult to imagine.

“Climate change is something that we as a society are going to have to face and I hope that audiences who come to see Coldhands leave RUMPUS thinking about what will happen if our natural world continues to be neglected.”

Abraham also notes the unique genre of Coldhands in the Adelaide theatre scene. “Coldhands whilst dealing with an incredibly important and real issue, is rooted in the fantasy genre and the immersive design of the production is intended to draw audiences into the fantasy world and the tradition of storytelling, which I think is something that really sets this play apart,” she said.

Director: Zola Allen | Featuring: Bonet Leate, Danielle Lim, Sam Lau | Designer: Ellanna Murphy | Lighting Design: Kobe Donaldson | Composer: Alex Mader | Sound Design: Antoine Jelk | Assistant Director: Katherine Sortini | Stage Manager: Grace Calabretto | Writer: Dora Abraham

RUMPUS, 100 Sixth Street, Bowden (Adelaide)
Season: 23 November – 4 December 2022 (preview: 22 November)
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Image: Coldhands – courtesy of RUMPUS