Keegan Joyce, Arielle Gray, Greg Stone, Alison Whyte and Mikayla Merks in Cloudstreet - photo by Philip GostelowCloudstreet, based on the novel by Tim Winton and adapted for stage by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo returns to the stage after 22 years.

Cloudstreet is a saga that examines the lives of two families; the Lambs and the Pickles as they share a house in Perth. Watching the events unfold in the production one is struck with the revelation that the struggles endured some sixty odd years ago haven’t changed that much. It’s just the battles and suffering fought back then were done with greater bravery, fight, love, lust and enduring passion.

The cast is lead by some of Australia’s finest talent who each give impeccable performances. Alison Whyte as Oriel, the matriarch of the Lamb family, is a woman on a quest to keep her family and faith alive. Her Soliloquy in act two is emotionally thought provoking.

Natasha Herbert as Dolly Pickles deals with her woes through the bottle, cigarettes and sex. And this production contains strong sex scenes. Lamb the puritan, Pickles the sinner. Herbert does it with comedy and compassion as the audience learn to love her character, faults and all, by the end of act two.

Keegan Joyce as Quick Lamb gives an emotionally raw performance as he battles with his demons. He has a stage presence that is alluring and has the audience engaged and transfixed. Brenna Harding as Rose Pickles has a flightful and spirited energy on stage as she becomes a woman and rises above the ashes of her past to create a life of love surrounded by family.

Greg Stone as Lester Lamb and Bert LaBonte as Sam Pickles play two fathers who become friends and reflect the true mateship of Australian society. As they struggle to support their families financially and emotionally the two actors give powerful performances throughout.

Part three brings Cloudstreet to a dramatic conclusion, and at times had audience members jumping in their seats, as it relives the horror of serial killer, Eric Edgar Cook. And the final scene will have you standing on your feet.

Cloudstreet is a step back in time and an examination of Australian history. Don’t let the extended running time scare you off enjoying this wonderful tale of the Lamb’s and the Pickle’s and their experiences of Perth in the nineteen hundreds.

His Majesty’s Theatre, 825 Hay Street, Perth
Performance: Saturday 22 February 2020
Season continues to 15 March 2020
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Image: Keegan Joyce, Arielle Gray, Greg Stone, Alison Whyte and Mikayla Merks in Cloudstreet – photo by Philip Gostelow

Review: Craig Dalglish