Church of the Clitori

AAR-The-Church-of-The-Clitori-On-the-CouchDoes this church require a large audience of excited members or will it get there on its own? Does member size even matter? Or do you just like to watch? Either way, you will only get out of this show what you put in.

The forecourt fore play outside the church tucked behind the Adelaide Town Hall, was promising, meeting a very friendly welcoming member of the clitorati, while getting ticketing sorted out. She initiated bit of clit-chat to find out if our clit knowledge was ‘entry level’.

Listening is a good way to start any conversation concerning sex religion or politics especially when the content will in-volva more than one of that tricky trinity. With no offer of coloured or flavoured rain coats at the door this was going to be a raw education.

Having an ‘outie clit’ (formerly known as a penis) I firstly acknowledge the difficult and destructive history of the penetrative agenda, and the need for this type of content.

Messages of female empowerment are like vitamins, important to reiterate consistently so that every generation can be educated and individually empowered to do better at emerging together from our shared zombie patriarchy HIStory.

This “Wake-Up to HER-story!” ‘thrust’ appears to be the underlying agenda driving the show’s content. It aims to be fun and provocative but not cheaply offensive or overly sacrilegious for mere shock laughs.

 If not for the large amount of ‘sexual references’ that push this into M15+territory most of the show would pass as PG, as apart from vulvic costuming, and diagrammatic illustration, all organs remained discreetly hidden.

Since Judeo-Christianity is the main religion parodied, most of the humour relies on simplistic supplanting of the names of female genitalia clunkily into various pop songs and hymns by the richly costumed preacher and teacher Labia Majora and her cohort Labia Minora present on stage.

Has there been some behind the scenes female circumcision? or is the other labia minora depicted in their (gasm) only spiritually present to complete their holy trinity. That wasn’t just ‘clit-bait’ – you can visit their website, to get a flavour for the show.

Ideally go with a large group, perfection would be going with your gaggle of ladies, or to kick-off a hens night. Remember, just as with any other intimate encounter with the spiritual, you will only get out what you put in.

Church of the Clitori
The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide
Performance: Thursday 16 March 2023
Season continues to 18 March 2023

For more information, visit: for details

Image: The Church of The Clitori (supplied)

Review: Dan(ielle) McInnes