Casting Guild of Australia launches

CGA LogoIf you’ve seen any Australian produced film and TV projects in the last 30 years, chances are a member of the newly formed Casting Guild of Australia (CGA) played a key role its casting. Established in 2013 as a not-for-profit organisation, the CGA represents established Casting Directors working in film, TV and theatre in Australia.

“A good casting director combines the skills and creativity of an actor, a director, a producer, a negotiator, and even diplomat,” says Greg Apps, President, CGA.

Officially launching themselves this week into the industry, this new guild acts as a united voice to address and assist in raising the standards and working practices of Casting Directors in Australia. They aim to work closely with colleagues in the industry including agents, producers, directors, and state funding bodies.

With members across Australia, from agencies and theatres that have played an integral part in shaping the output of our arts and entertainment industry, the CGA provides members with a central forum and a united voice within the industry. Already, at least 90% of all Casting Directors in Australia have embraced the guild, and are now CGA members.

“It is truly exciting to be part of the infancy of the Casting Guild of Australia,” says Nick Hamon, Vice President, CGA. “To start something that brings our profession together as a united voice and that highlights the achievements of Casting Directors isn’t a chore, it’s an honour.”

Without the skill of Casting Directors selecting the right artist for the right role, some of our most famous exports may not have had the impact or success that they have. Members of the CGA have been responsible for the casting of such iconic Australian films and series as; Romper Stomper, Top Of The Lake, The Great Gatsby, Wolf Creek, The Rover and the upcoming Russell Crowe feature, The Water Diviner. Theatre productions include the likes of Private Lives (MTC) and The Rocky Horror Show.

The newly formed Casting Guild of Australia will create a code of practice to establish respect for the profession. They will work to raise awareness of Casting Directors contribution to projects, and to establish fair value for a CD’s contribution to projects in development. And finally, to create enforceable guidelines to protect actors paying for audition workshops.

For more information, about the Casting Guild of Australia, visit: for details.

Image: courtesy of the Casting Guild of Australia