Cartooning with Pride

Cartooning with Pride_Jimmy Twin AARThe comic book industry has had a profound effect on the development of LGBTIQ culture as we know it today. Cartooning with Pride is a social evening for those interested in the comic book and cartooning industries, how they have affected the LGBTIQ community and will provide information to those wishing to become involved in this growing industry.

Jimmy Twin, artist and creator of the digital comic strip series Frankie, and organiser of Cartooning with Pride, has selected a panel of speakers to lead the discussion and encompass various stages of the industry cycle.

Queenie Chan is a Sydney-based Manga artist and graphic novelist who is a proven success story for self-starting novelists. She started out by publishing her own horror stories in graphic novel format to illustrating the Dean Koontz graphic novel adaptations of the Odd Thomas series of books.

Kenton Penley Miller is an influential Melbourne-based cartoonist with over 30 years experience in the field, with an impression portfolio that includes providing work for Outrage magazine and performing live illustrations for a YouTube series of videos for The National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE).

Andrew Li was the winner of the Laird Hotel’s annual Men on Men art competition with comic artwork aiming to better represent the diversity of the gay community.

Sonja Hammer is host of Joy 94.9’s show Sci-fi and Squeam and leads the fan group Queer Geeks of Oz that are advocating better LGBTIQ representation in the comic book industry.

Cartooning with Pride will be a fun, relaxed and informative evening that will include competitions, giveaways and DTs Hotel will host karaoke after the event. This is a free event and held as part of the 2015 Midsumma Festival. No reservations or bookings are required!

Cartooning with Pride
DTs Hotel, 164 Church Street, Richmond
Event: Wednesday 28 January 2015: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Free event

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: by Jimmy Twin