Theatre-Works-Burning-House-CaligulaThis July, Theatre Works and Burning House bring Ancient Rome to life in Caligula – a wild cross between Midsommar and American Psycho in this massive play.

Twelve actors bring this anarchic, volatile world to life in Melbourne’s professional premiere, by a company that has been making a name for delivering high octane, intense adaptations of classic plays.

“We work hard to get to the heart of the play – bringing the author’s intent to life for a contemporary audience,” says director Robert Johnson.

“This gives access to two and a half thousand years of imagery and story-telling – our plays are dialogues between the living and the dead.”

The mad Emperor Caligula rules over Rome. People are murdered, robbed and hanged on a whim. Caligula’s horse is the leader of government.

Rome’s future is held hostage, reality itself is up for grabs and there are ears everywhere. And Caligula is dressing up as the goddess of Love and singing about it.

On what drew Burning House to this work, Robert Johnson says, “Caligula was attractive because of its sheer size and ambition – Caligula burns with such energy and life. He infected his whole world with a crazy desire to live fully,” he said.

“Underneath the drag and the blood and the insanity, he was also a traumatised child, and finding ways to realise this anarchic pageant of tyranny whilst honouring his trauma has been deeply fulfilling – and it makes for very rich theatre,” said Johnson.

Caligula is an epic showdown between stoicism and nihilism in a play bursting with poetry, violence, sadness and love. There will be blood. And glitter.

Director: Robert Johnson | Featuring: Paul Armstrong, Jake Matricardi, Liliana Dalton, Karlis Zaid, Michelle Robertson, David Meadows, Roderick Chappel, Paul Robertson, Ioanna Gagani, Marnie Gibson, Cassandra Hart | Set Design: Riley Tapp | Lighting Design: Tim Bonser | Dramaturgy: Lore Burns | Composition: Claire Healy | Costume Design: Riley Tapp, Robert Johnson | Assistant Design: Bridie Turner | Hair & Make Up Design: Rachel Snape | Stage Management: Ishana Girsh, Acacia Nettleton | Co-Producers: Jessica Johnson, Robert Johnson

Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda
Season: 14 – 23 July 2022 (preview: 13 July)
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Image: Theatre Works and Burning House present Caligula – photo By Underground Media