western-edge-caliban-oti-wiloughby-photo-by-nicola-dracoulisExploring the battleground of global climate politics through the eyes of those on the front lines, Western Edge Youth Arts presents the premiere of Caliban at The Coopers Malthouse: 24 – 26 November 2016.

Set in a not-too-distant future on the brink of climate disaster, Caliban starts where Shakespeare’s The Tempest left off – when the island is submerged in the rising tides, how will Caliban survive?

Caliban is an Australian re-imagining of The Tempest where Ferdinand is an oil baron, Prospera a scientist and Ariel is an artificial intelligence system with the power to save the world. A new culturally diverse work made in Melbourne’s western suburbs, Caliban turns the climate debate on its head and gives a voice to characters from Africa, Afghanistan and the Pacific Islands – areas that are deeply affected by climate change.

Originally seeded as a street show presented at Big West Festival in 2015, Caliban has undergone intensive development and is now an entirely new work – it sets a new benchmark for the Edge Ensemble and brings personal stories and passionate perspectives on climate change into a main stage theatre space.

Under the direction of Tariro Mavondo and Dave Kelman Caliban features six young emerging artists, the Edge Ensemble, representing Australian cultural diversity and includes: Achai Deng (South Sudanese), Abraham Herasan (Afghani), Piper Huynh (Vietnamese), Natalie Lucic (Croatian), Rex Pelman (Samoan) and Yaw Dadzie (Ghanaian).

Writer Georgia Symons says Caliban explores voices we don’t often hear in climate discourses. “The Edge Ensemble have cultural ties to some of the parts of the planet most affected by climate change, places like South Sudan, Western Samoa and Afghanistan,” she said. “But they also live in Australia – a nation with a complex relationship to climate action.”

The Edge Ensemble comprises some of the most vital voices in the climate change discussion and Caliban goes to the heart of what climate change means for people facing its reality now.

Directors: Tariro Mavondo, Dave Kelman Creators / Performers: Achai Deng, Herasan, Piper Huynh, Natalie Lucic, Rex Pelman, Yaw Dadzie Movement: Amy Macpherson Music / Composition: Callum Watson Writer: Georgia Symons

Beckett Theatre – The Coopers Malthouse, Sturt Street, Southbank
Season: 24 – 26 November 2016

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Image: Yaw Dadzie features in Caliban – photo by Nicola Dracoulis