Burlesque by Force

Burlesque by Force - photo by Adrian CarmodyFollowing its world premiere season as part of the 2017 Feast Festival, Brodie John revisits Burlesque by Force for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe – twisting genre and metaphor with themes of consent and sexuality at the Nexus Arts Venue from 24 February.

Part true story, part metaphor, part cabaret, part poetry, Burlesque by Force shares stories of consent, sexual trauma, strength and silence-breaking that have been the personal experience of the performer. Using these stories, Adelaide-born theatre-maker Brodie John, breaks down the taboos surrounding these issues of violence and prejudice that plague the queer community and the world at large.

While shaping his career supporting independent theatre companies in Adelaide Fringe Festivals, his coming of age was overcome by rape and assault. Now nearly ten years later, Brodie is ready to tell the story in an effort to end stigma for others who’ve experienced trauma.

“A work this personal and ambitious could only be fully realised where it all began,” said Brodie. “Discussions about this issue are mostly within discussions on feminism, and about women. But we all know rape and sexual assault impacts everyone, either directly or collaterally. That includes men, and not just gay men. We all deserve to be freed from those stigmas.”

“It’s important to put this on the agenda now, to erase prejudice and start devising solutions. The fight for marriage equality, and to some degree Safe Schools, has opened up unprecedented openness and opportunities for discussion.”

“You cannot leave Burlesque by Force unchanged. You cannot say that you don’t know what is going on, or claim that it has nothing to do with you” – The Advertiser (Adelaide)

Burlesque by Force
Nexus Arts Centre, Corner North Terrace and Morphett Street, Adelaide
Season: 24 – 26 February 2018
Information and Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au

Image: Burlesque by Force – photo by Adrian Carmody