Briefs: Close Encounters

Briefs Close EncountersIt’s an odd thing, walking into a show you’re certain is a burlesque-y irreverent reimagining of David Lean’s 1945 film, Brief Encounter. That’ll teach me for only reading the first and last words of the title and not the word in the middle.

Needless to say, as stark coloured spots played over the bare stage in time with the synth notes from John William’s score from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I face palmed into another time zone.

Or maybe the Twilight Zone? Because Briefs is a journey somewhere… else, off-world. Over the course of the show their rocket ship took the audience to extraordinary places of dance, aerial circus-try, sex, chemistry, stunts, stand-up, humour, and – with the recurring appearance of a white rabbit – the importance of good time-keeping.

Ridiculously fun, each act and routine by the seven performers confirmed as any good art does that it’s always better to create than destroy, to choose love over not. Indeed, among the licentious male-strom were sincere moments of political commentary, helping build a show that is about as fantastic a cabaret as you’re likely to experience.

Briefs: Close Encounters
Playhouse – Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Performance: Thursday 21 March 2019 – 8.00pm
Season: 20 – 24 March 2019 (closed)

Image: The Boys from Briefs (supplied)

Review: David Collins