Brickman Experience

SOH_Brickman_editorialLEGO bricks have play a cherished role in childhoods across the globe – these beloved plastic bricks have been around for over 50 years! A new exhibition will reveal one persons remarkable collection at Brickman Experience in Melbourne in April, then Sydney in June / July 2015.

Back in 2010, Ryan McNaught took his LEGO to a whole new level by becoming the only LEGO Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere. Known as ‘The Brickman’, this exhibition will feature 50 works from his personal collection.

“I am thrilled for the first time ever to have all my works together on display,” says Ryan. “I’ve also got a few exciting things for people to participate in, so hopefully they too can get pleasure out of creating brick masterpieces as well as enjoying our works – it’s going to be heaps of fun!”

More than 50 original works will be featured along with their own unique behind the scenes story, including original drawings and sketches. A variety of Ryan’s LEGO works will be displayed with over 5 million LEGO bricks making up the works!

These works include Ryan’s world-renowned pieces, 4m long ‘Elvis’ Erikson Aircrane Helicopter, and the famous 250,000 brick LEGO ‘Love Boat’. In addition to Ryan’s pieces, for the first time anywhere in the world works from other LEGO Certified professionals will be displayed, based around the transport theme from their native country.

The Brickman Experience runs until 12 April at Crown Conference Hall, Melbourne, and then Sydney Town Hall, 27 June – 12 July. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Ryan McNaught, Sydney Opera House, 2013