Booming Art Enterprises in Australia

TC Art ClassArt has some magical power which tune the strings of body and mind to create songs which can’t be sung otherwise. So what if businesses started building based on this magic? This is what startups are doing in Australia – building their business by incorporating art.

Art enterprises in Australia are booming and all for good reason. The intertwining of two separate domains – art and technology, have given new meanings to the business sphere by enabling people to make money along with advance their artistic desires.

In the past, the startup scene was dominated by people from a particular niche, particularly the business and technical field. But things are changing now. People from the creative fields are stepping into the startup industry while carrying all the magic and healing power of art.

Today’s artists are pushing back against the outdated notion that creatives and entrepreneurs can’t co-exist as one. They are utilising their skills and attributes to start new business ventures, and they are succeeding. Here’s how it’s happening!

Creativity in the Creative Industry
The best thing about these art and creative driven startups is that they are not confining themselves to the old methods of business. They are not setting up a platform, online or physical, to sell their art pieces.

Instead, they are using innovation and bringing creativity into the industry by bringing a mixture of innovative and artistic business ideas which are not only pushing the boundaries of their earning potential, but also giving new dimensions to art and creativity.

The owner of Queensland photography studio, Strong Images, is one such example of a female entrepreneur who is stepping up the business and art game on her own terms. In her words, “I’m bringing my passion for photography to the business world, and allowing my creative art to align with my business goals as I look towards the future.”

Can These Creative Businesses Thrive?
Though there was a time when artists were not considered business experts and it was hard for them to earn their livelihood based on their artistic skills, things are changing!

The growing awareness and proliferation of technology in the world of business has changed the landscape of business. In 2019 it is easier than ever to reach out to people through various social media platforms and digital channels to promote your work.

How can I start an art enterprise?
People want some escape from their busy lives, and they seek the means to detach from the artificial world and reconnect to the aesthetics that heal their soul. And what can be better than diving into an artistic pursuit like a child and experiencing the same wonder at creating a piece of art out of nothing but your mind?

If you’re wondering what it takes to join the booming ranks of art enterprises in Australia, there are no barriers to entry. According to the digital experts at Paperclip Digital, the ideal first step is a website: “websites allow business owners to display their aesthetic appeal in the simplest way,” they said.

“For creatives this provides the competitive edge, allowing entrepreneurs to stand out against their competitors and actually showcase their strengths, even if they feel their lack of experience is a weakness.”

If you are an artist with a passion for discovering new ventures of life, then a booming art enterprise scene is ideal for you. Don’t miss this chance! So, what are you going to do today to kick start your artistic business venture tomorrow?

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