Bohemia – a celebration of World Music

Bohemia Archie Roach A celebration of World Music culture right in the heart of Melbourne, Turkish-born, Montreal-based musician Mercan Dede and Australia’s Archie Roach headline Bohemia at the Collingwood Town Hall on Saturday 4 March 2017.

These two cultural icons have inspired generations of fellow musicians and audiences with their unique ability to tap into the heart and soul of their times, to create a universal language capable of uniting old and young, ancient and modern, East and West, black and white.

The event will also feature performances by Irish born, Crete based musician Ross Daly, Portugal’s Vila Navio, premier Melbourne-based world music group Bashka, and a DJ set by Systa BB, offering audiences a chance to catch some of the World Music scene’s finest acts in this special one-off concert.

Australian singer/songwriter Archie Roach is a man of few words but when he speaks, or sings, those words lift you up, transport you and humble you. He is that rarest of beings; one that sees beyond race, religion, gender and ideology. He is a powerful voice for Indigenous Australians, a storyteller in the tradition of his ancestors, and a nationally popular and respected artist. The secret beating heart of Archie Roach’s music is the connection to country and people.

Turkish-born, Montreal-based musician/producer/DJ Mercan Dede combines the hand made with the electronic. When he takes to the stage with his group Secret Tribe, he hovers at the side behind his turntables and electronics, occasionally picking up a traditional wooden flute (ney) to float in sweet, breathy melodies, while masters of the kanun (zither), clarinet, darbuka (hand drum) and many other instruments, ornament his grooves and spin magical, trance melodies to match the whirling of the group’s spectacular dervish dancer, Ceyhun Varisli.

Both as Mercan Dede with his Secret Tribe, and his alter ego DJ Arkin Allen he has performed at diverse events in almost every corner of the world. In 2005 he became the first Turkish artist to reach #1 of the world music charts. Under 9 different names he has released more than 100 singles worldwide. Mercan Dede, Arkin Allen, Blueman and Poundmaker aside, he still keeps 5 other names secret even from his own management and family; believing that nothing should stand between sound and the ear, include the artist himself.

Mercan Dede is rightly recognized as one of the most creative and unique artists in the electronic and world music scenes today. Uniting people from different backgrounds regardless of their age, cultural background or personal differences, Mercan Dede never fails to impress with the captivating sounds and explosive energy he creates on stage.

Ross Daly’s musical language encompasses traditions from the East, from India through Persia to Turkey and Greece, and champions the Cretan lyra. His quartet comprises fellow Cretan lyra player Kelly Thoma, and Australian musicians Matt Stonehouse and Paddy Montgomery.

Vila Navio is the artistic project of Andre Coelho Rodriguez, accompanied by musicians including Claudio Silva on trumpet and flugelhorn and Eduardo Soares on Portuguese guitar. Musically, the group offer a modernization of Portuguese traditional music, incorporating elements of popular music, contemporary jazz and electronic samples that has led them to be described as “Portuguese traditionalists unafraid of mixing it up.”

Bashka’s live performances are energized with a truly Melbourne sound combined with the delicacy of traditional Turkish instruments and master players. Live samples and loops merge seamlessly with ancient acoustic and modern western instruments to create music which brings to life old folk songs, gypsy ballads and dance music from the dirt streets of old Turkey.

Bohemia – a celebration of World Music
Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford
Performance: Saturday 4 March 2017 – 6.00pm

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Archie Roach