Adelaide Fringe: Bob, Sweat and Tears

Bob Downe 2Australia’s globe-trotting comedy & music icon, the effervescent & ebullient Bob Downe is in town and outta control! From the minute he walks on stage Bob has his audience in fits of hysterical laughter and hanging off his every word. He croons through the tunes like an old lounge-singer and has everyone swaying, arm-waving & singing along.

Bob Downe has a great voice & manages to pack more laughs into the songs with arch looks, pouty poses and flamboyant, cheeky innuendo. With tongue firmly in cheek the host of Mardi Gras & the fabulously fictitious TV show Good Morning Murwillumbah, Bob comes down into the adoring crowd – all flirty and fabulous, flashing his pearly whites, his rock hard hair and his blonde suit – then drops the bombshell that he’s going straight!

Cue introducing the girlfriend – special guest, 20 time Logies Winner Ann Wills – Australia’s favourite weather girl and Adelaide’s best loved TV personality.

Willsy plays along with Bob, cracking wise jokes and singing songs, as the audience goes MENTAL for their local girl made good. With 20 Logies and a heart as big as Texas, Willsy is a star when she’s on stage. Adelaide clearly wants to see more of her and it’s about time someone came up with a project worthy of this amazing talent. She holds the record for winning the most Logies!

These two showbiz troupers, clearly love what they’re doing and we love them for doing it so well. Bob Downe works the crowd like an old pro and the jokes keep coming thick & fast !

The addition of a live 3 piece band (possibly called Total Confusion) & including local musos Holly and Sam, and Bob’s long time music collaborator Mike, lifts the show to a whole new level. When your band is laughing along with you – you know you’ve got everybody in the palm of your hand.

Slick musical genius plus comedy gold makes Bob, Sweat & Tears the feel-good hit of the Fringe with more laughs per minute than any other show on the circuit. Don’t miss it!

Bob, Sweat & Tears
The Arts Theatre, 55 Angas Street, Adelaide
Season continues to 15 March 2014
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Review: Amanda Davies – courtesy of Betty Samis (All About Entertainment):