Blaque Showgirls

GTC-Blaque-Showgirls-photo-by-Brett-BoardmanBlaque Showgirls is a powerful battle cry to all First Nations women – cry to scream louder, love harder, never back down and to take up as much space as you can… and more.

Sarah Jane Jones has big dreams, huge in fact, far too big for her tiny hometown of Chithole. Sarah Jane dreams of following in her Mother’s inspiring footsteps and becoming one of the Blaque Showgirls, BrisVegas’ First Nations burlesque spectacular. But nothing ever goes according to plan for Sarah Jane, especially when well-hidden truths are revealed, backstabbing is everywhere and hearts are broken.

Nakkiah Lui once again reminds audiences why she is one of the country’s top comedic writers, perfectly taking on stark and cautious themes with a wry satirical smirk. The world that Lui creates allows the creatives to fully embrace the fundamentals of play, not unlike kids in a sugary candy store wide eyed with energy and sticky fingers.

Co-Directors Shari Sebbens and Ursula Yovich stir the ship effortlessly through the choppy waters of the mixed genres and create a joyous, complex, and focused work that never loses its fury.

The chaotic use of the space is ingenious  – every square foot of the tiny theatre is used to maximise the story and draw audiences into this darkly comedic world. At times the pace can lag when the moment relies on an audience to be, shall we say less shy, but this says more about bashful audiences than the quality of the work.

Mathew Cooper, Jonathan Jeffrey, Matty Mills, Angeline Penrith, and Stephanie Somerville are a faultless ensemble, challenging and playfully one uping each other with CAMP glee. Each character is fully committed to and hilariously layered, with deep flaws and fire lurking just below the surface.

Cris Baldwin, Verity Hampson and Jessica Dunn’s designs make a wild glitter infused playground and a feast for the eyes, ears and throbbing CAMP heart of each audience member.

Blaque Showgirls finds itself staged at a monumental time in Australia’s history – a time when the wider population need to sit back and listen to people who have been too long silenced, and this is a work that is absolutely capable of reflecting back an Australia that needs to change.

Blaque Showgirls
SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross
Season continues to 14 October 2023
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Image: Blaque Showgirls by Brett Boardman

Review: Gavin Roach