Blanc de Blanc Encore

Blanc de Blanc Encore - photo by Prudence UptonYou know that moment where Brad and Janet walk into Frank-N-Furter’s lobby and wonder what the fork they are witnessing This same feeling can be experienced frequently during much of Blanc de Blanc Encore.

Blanc de Blanc has done well previously at the Fringe and returns now with Encore. I’ve not been previous years, but have heard many times, “You must see Blanc darling!”

Blanc de Blanc Encore is sexy, seedy, raunchy, elaborate and above all, slicker than Trumps do. The entire night is often in your face or subtly entwined with reference to champagne which, for this amorous bunch of bon vivant is their drug of choice.

Stealing well, from Moulin Rouge’s format, Blanc de Blanc Encore features almost endless routines, showcasing song, dance, magic, acrobatics, slapstick, tease and feats of a frugivorous nature. Not a weak link can be found among the troupe as they multi-skill their way through concupiscent act after act.

Fronted by two French emcees, who play the fool all too frequently, the pair bounce off each other (literally) well, but their act from the start, and for much of the show, was almost that of an annoying busker trying to draw a crowd.

You had the crowd, a large one, and it felt like you were losing them as this played out. Their shtick would be far better served being suave and nonchalant early, surprising the crowd later with the tomfoolery for which they excel.

I’ve seen burlesque and acrobatic acts all too often, but what you will see in Blanc de Blanc Encore will make you sit up, hold your breath and admire the practiced perfection as it oozes before your eyes.

The Muppet Show styled back drop is well used and lit, highlighting the stunning frames of this gorgeous cast. Dazzling costumery and punchy tunes serve as fodder for performance enhancement.

At two hours with interval, it feels a little long and occasionally hints of repetition. A cut or two, keeping it at one act, will sharpen this like a new knife. This is one tight and extremely well-rehearsed show that, in-spite of its flaws, will keep you entertained from woe to go.

Blanc de Blanc Encore
Fortuna Spiegeltent – The Garden of Unearthly Delights, East Terrace, Adelaide
Performance: Thursday 20 February 2020 – 8.30pm
Season continues to 15 March 2020
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Image: The Cast of Blanc de Blanc Encore – photo by Prudence Upton

Review: Jeff Lang – courtesy of All About Entertainment