Bits Akimbo: Get in the Boot

MICF23-Bits-Akimbo-Douglas-Rintoul-Katie-Currie-and-Max-PatonBits Akimbo’s Get in the Boot is a strap in and hold on tight rollercoaster of absurdist sketch comedy that consensually tickles the funny bone of even the sternest of individuals.

The powerhouse trio of Max Paton, Katie Currie and Douglas Rintoul each bring their unique style of comedy and performance to the stage while generously weaving each approach together to form a cohesive and hilarious format.

Over the course of an hour, Bits Akimbo stuffs the audience into their metaphorical boot and hurls them around a side splitting world of the most outrageous characters found in the most unlikely of situations, each becoming just as bonkers as the next.

The trio’s hap hazard and DIY format allows the wit and absurd humour to shine, with each performer self editing as each sketch unfolds.

Each performer aims for integrity rather than an easy laugh, ensuring clever, multilayered jokes to unfold while still leaving room for whimsy and audience reactions.

Audiences are very much in on the jokes, respected and encouraged to laugh at and with. Interactions are perfectly timed and never belittling, in fact, the audience often feels like an unofficial fourth member of the group.

It is not often that the stage size is a detriment to the performance, but with so much energy, as well as prop heavy comedy, this group has definitely earned a bigger stage.

A firmer directorial eye would go far to help smooth over the pacing issues and tighten up the sketches that don’t quite find their feet, but again, this is more a reflection of a group ready to advance their brand of comedy.

With one award already under their belt, a deliciously successful opening night and even more energy than is humanly responsible, Bits Akimbo surely has an equally bright and chaotic future.

Bits Akimbo: Get in the Boot
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Performance: Monday 3 April 2023
Season continues to 13 April 2023
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Image: Douglas Rintoul, Katie Currie and Max Paton are Bits Akimbo (sourced)

Review: Gavin Roach