Billy’s Choice

MF21-Billys-Choice-Brodie-Murray-Photo-by-Denise-MartinWhere is home and what makes us leave or stay? And who is the family we hold onto and leave behind?

Brothers, fathers, sons – family members that are notoriously difficult to talk with and often hold their emotions close to their chest. And yet, expectation rests hard on their collective shoulders.

Throughout Billy’s Choice we see the push and pull that comes with dealing with family and the struggle of having to constantly listen but never being heard.

A brother expects more from a brother and father demands more of his son as each must face up to the reality of their choices and how it impacts their family and community.

Brodie Murray’s writing is honest and earnest – knitting together complex intergenerational issues with the difficulties of navigating your place in the world. Murray, Corey Saylor-Brunskill and Dion Williams perfectly bring each character to life, with compassion, depth and strong connection to the content.

Rachael Maza’s direction is flawless, guiding the work with a light touch – allowing the actors room to sit in the world of the work and react as if the events are unfolding in real time.

Billy’s Choice has shifted to the digital space in a very unique and effective way while never losing its emotional core. It has the potential to grow and develop into a fully realised work – one full of promise, hope and heart.

Billy’s Choice
Melbourne Fringe Digital On Demand
Season continues to 17 October 2021
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Image: Brodie Murray – photo by Denise Martin

Review: Gavin Roach