Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett

MF22-Runaway-Festival-Park-Magic-Mirrors-Spiegeltent-Bernie-DieterBernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett is a high-octane, sensual production with Dieter as the mistress of the Kabarett. And this mistress knows how to engage an audience throughout her performances.

From the moment she steps on stage Dieter oozes sexuality. Even as she provides the backing to the many varied acts, along with her Haus Band, you are aware of her sensual and emotional performances in the background.

Dieter has scoured the underground cabarets of Europe to assemble a world-class menagerie of six acts, and these acts are performed with high energy and vigour. They were cabaret acts on steroids, performed like I have never witnessed before.

The menagerie of artists including Bella Diosa, the fire breathing wonder who spun and memorised the audience with her skills. Joe Keeley the gender bending arial artist and Adam Malone, performed their acts with dangerous rapid precision.

And think you’ve experienced and seen all the moves on a pole. Think again. Wait until you see what Blue Phoenix has to offer.

Bending strong woman Soliana Erise contorted her body across the stage like a spider and had the audience gasping as she twisted her body into unimaginable positions. The Burlesque performances by Sugar Du Jour added to the comedic moments of the Kabarett.

And just when you think you have seen everything, the final act, performed by Diosa, will blow you away and leave you staring with your mouth open in awe. I don’t want to give to much away; so I’ll simply add, I cringed less because I’m bald!

Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett will have you gasping with horror, delight and humour. Grab your tickets now, before it’s too late.

Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett
L’Euro Grande – European Foods Warehouse, 77 – 83 Francis Street, Northbridge (Perth)
Performance: Wednesday 24 January 2024
Season continues to 18 February 2024
Information and Bookings:

Image: Bernie Dieter (supplied)