Beacon the musical

BeaconFilled with rhythm, toe tapping tunes and loveable characters, this new steampunk inspired tap musical will play at Melbourne’s Guild Theatre for a limited season from 13 June 2014.

Inhabitants of an alternate realm have fallen out of touch with their souls. Their lives are now in danger as a creature has been discovered travelling the universe and consuming lives where souls are not strong enough to resist.

An enlightened messenger, Beacon is on a mission to help awaken people and help them find their inner rhythm. Will Beacon be successful in unleashing people’s power to express and save us from this tragedy?

Follow Spark, Rivet, Chain, Blade, Tinker, Nickel & Lock on their journey in this steam-punk inspired setting with new and original funk rock songs, infectious rhythms and high energy tap dancing that can be described as visual and dynamic.

Beacon the musical is a new theatrical production by creators Kricket Forster & Winston Morrison from Melbourne Tap Dance will be directed by David Clisby – a veteran of 40 years in the entertainment industry, and featuring some of Melbourne’s best tap performers.

On Beacon the musical, Director David Clisby reflects “I often describe myself as an adventurer looking for treasure and in this group, I have certainly found it. These guys are going to light up the dance floor!”

Director: David Clisby  Featuring: Kricket Forster, Ruben George, Abigail Grace, Amelia Homes, Rachel King, Ella Lehaf, Winston Morrison, Jordan Ortt  Composer & Choreographer: Winston Morrison  Playwright & Choreographer: Kricket Forster

Beacon the musical
Guild Theatre – Union House, University of Melbourne, Union Road, Parkville
Season: 13 – 14 June 2014

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Image: courtesy of Melbourne Tap Dance