Be A Doll, Won’t You?

ADL-Fringe-Ellen-Graham-in-Be-A-Doll-Won't-YouEver felt like a piece of meat? Lulu does! As a woman in the sex industry, the world constantly objectifies her, until she eventually becomes the thing everyone always sees her as – a doll.

Be A Doll, Won’t You? is a visceral, genre-bending look at gender, sexual fluidity, sex work, and the temptation to profit off your own indifference.

Created by award-winning , femme duo, Ellen Graham and Zola Allen, Be A Doll, Won’t You? will astound, arouse, and disgust as you see a woman peel away her own self-image bit by bit, like the world’s most psychologically devastating strip show.

Ellen Graham is an actor, playwright, clown, drag-king and podcaster. She graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts in 2016 and has charged recklessly into the life as a creative ever since.

She is the co-founder of theatre company, Madness of Two which won the 2021 AWGIE Awards for Theatre for Young Audiences with their children’s show, Claire Della and the Moon – returning to the stage in May 2023 for the DreamBIG Festival.

As a solo performer, Ellen is prolific across the local theatre and drag scene but also has made international waves with her TTRPG podcast, Role to Cast which is debuting 4 unique live shows during the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Zola Allen is an award-winning Adelaide-based actor, director, theatre-maker, and recipient of the 2023 Carclew Fellowship. She graduated in 2018 from the advanced acting course at Adelaide College of the Arts.

Zola is an emerging performer of note in the Adelaide indie theatre scene, including performance highlights from: Dead Gorgeous directed by Hew Parham, presented by Madness of Two; All the Things I Couldn’t Say directed by Katherine Sortini presented by Deus Ex Femina; All The Things I Couldn’t Say directed by Nate Troisi, produced by Wickedly Good Productions; and the Role to Cast podcast season, Homeland.

Zola has also forged a path for herself as a director, Zola co-founded the theatre company Good Company Theatre and made her directorial debut with their show, Hamlet in the Other Room. Zola was the Assistant Director on Cathedral, directed by Shannon Rush, for the State Theatre Company of South Australia, and most recently directed the world premiere of Dora Abrahams’ Coldhands for the RUMPUS 2022 season.

Be A Doll, Won’t You?
The Breakout Space – The Mill, 154 Angas Street, Adelaide
Season continues to 5 March 2023
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Image: Ellen Graham in Be A Doll, Won’t You? (supplied)