Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry

Barry PotterDive into spellbinding sorcery with the world’s only Harry Potter parody magic show as Dirk Darrow Investigations presents Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry, as part of the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow from 28 March.

Character comedian and magician Tim Motley (USA / Australia) is premiering this fun wizarding adventure in Melbourne after a completely sold-out Edinburgh Fringe Festival season, among others. He has won 20 Fringe Festival awards, including the Magic award at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2023 for this show.

This is a chance for fans young and old to experience live magic in a familiar context. The show is presented as an autobiographical story-telling show by fictional character ‘Barry Potter’ – recounting his glory days as a young dark wizard hunter.

Tim Motley has performed professionally in 50 countries as a comedian, mentalist, magician, actor, radio show host, improvisor, busker, and variety performer. He has created and toured internationally 11 solo shows and 3 cast shows to date, in his award-winning and popular adult film-noir shows as character detective ‘Dirk Darrow’.

With this one, he dives into a new genre and a new demographic with this fantasy satire of a certain wizarding world. Originally from Philadelphia, he is currently hangs his hat in Adelaide.

Experience the wonder of world-class wizardry in a realm of messenger owls, robed wizards, and flying broomsticks in Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry!

“Timing is everything and Motley is a master… the way he brings this world together is simply marvellous.” – Otaku No Culture

Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry
Elephant and Wheelbarrow, 96 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Season: 28 March – 21 April 2024
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Image: Tim Motley stars as Barry Potter (supplied)