Australian Plays launches the Nimrod 50 Collection

AAR-Nimrod-50-courtesy-of-Australian-PlaysThe Nimrod 50 Collection is an extensive and exciting collection of previously unpublished, out of print or never published works celebrating 50 years since the founding of the Nimrod Theatre Company in 1970.

Australian Plays will be adding to the first group of plays published in the future – and in all they hope to add or return nearly 50 works to the canon; some republished, some refurbished and some never before seen.

These plays, by hugely significant writers, add to our rich and detailed understanding of ourselves and our theatrical inheritance, include: Customs and Excise by Jack Hibberd; Perfectly All Right by Alma De Groen; The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin by Steve J. Spears; Gone With Hardy by David Allen; Inside The Island by Louis Nowra; and The Boiling Frog by Alison Lyssa, just to name a few…

Whilst Nimrod is well known for its exciting international premieres or Australianised versions of classics, it is the bawdy, vaudeville-boxing-tent energy of Australia’s theatrical pioneers that drove its sprit – and ultimately that meant the creation of NEW work.

Nimrod produced over 100 new Australian plays during its 18 years of existence across multiple venues. Of those, only approximately 50 were ever published and of those, only 20 remain in print.

What was published – whilst undoubtedly more often than not the most exciting or impactful works – doesn’t represent the true breadth and boldness of Nimrod’s programming – the place of First Nations work, queer cabaret and female writers. This Collection aims to address the imbalance.

Australian Plays is Australia’s digital theatre publisher and is based in Hobart, Tasmania. They provide services to playwrights by publishing and licensing plays and by promoting and supporting their work with producers and educators nationally and internationally.

Founded in 1979, Australian Plays constantly seek ways to maximise resources and find innovative ways to promote, curate, connect and champion Australian plays and playwrights.

For more information about the Nimrod 50 Collection, visit: for details.

Image: The Nimrod 50 Collection – courtesy of Australian Plays