Australia Council announces recipients of the 2022 First Nations Arts Awards

Australia-Council-Stephen-Page-Destiny-DeaconBangarra’s Artistic Director Stephen Page and acclaimed visual artist Destiny Deacon are among the recipients of the Australia Council’s 2022 First Nations Arts Awards.

The two eminent artists were awarded the prestigious Red Ochre Award for Lifetime Achievement during a special event broadcast by NITV.

The First Nations Arts Awards are held each year on Friday 27 May, marking the anniversary of the 1967 referendum and the start of National Reconciliation Week.

The Dreaming Award (for a young and emerging artist) was this year awarded to two recipients; Brittanie Shipway, who has made her mark in musical theatre in Australia and New York, and Jazz Money, an artist and writer best known for her works of poetry.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Emma Donovan is the recipient of the 2022 First Nations Arts and Culture Fellowship, enabling her to produce a new solo album, featuring songs for children in traditional language.

“The First Nations Arts Awards celebrate the outstanding work and achievements of First Nations artists,” said Australia Council Executive Director First Nations Arts and Culture Franchesca Cubillo.

“The 2022 recipients traverse a range artforms and experience – from music to theatre, dance, visual arts, and poetry.”

“The common thread between them is they all storytellers, and the stories they share are key to Australian cultural life and national identity.”

Red Ochre Awards for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement:
Destiny Deacon
Stephen Page

Dreaming Award:
Brittanie Shipway
Jazz Money

First Nations Arts and Culture Fellowship:
Emma Donovan

The awards also acknowledged the many First Nations artists to receive awards throughout the year, including: Judith Pungarta Inkamala (2022 Australia Council Award for Visual Arts), Dr Jenny Fraser (2022 Australia Council Award for Emerging and Experimental Arts), Hayden Ryan, (2022 First Nations Emerging Career Development Award), Brodie Murray (2022 First Nations Emerging Career Development Award), and Timothy Cook (2021 Australia Council National Arts and Disability Award – Established Artist).

For more information, watch the broadcast or find out more about the recipients, visit: for details.

Images: Stephen Page – photo by Daniel Boud | Destiny Deacon (supplied)