Australasian Dance Collective back on stage with Arc

AAR-Australasian-Dance-Collective-ArcAfter 307 days, the Australasian Dance Collective are back on stage, performing live with the World Premiere of Arc at River Quay Green, South Bank on 18 & 19 September as part of the 2020 Brisbane Festival.

A stunning work of scale that captures the odyssey of the human spirit and how we strive for purpose and unity following a time of separation and fear, Arc is a bespoke creation for Brisbane Festival, reflects us and our journey from isolation to reconnection.

Created by Australasian Dance Collective’s Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, this immersive and deeply moving piece sees the company performing alongside its 30-strong youth ensemble and features an evocative new score from award-winning composer, Wil Hughes.

Hollingsworth said the performances was a triumphant moment for not just the collective, but for all our supporters. “It has been such a tumultuous and testing year… not just for us, but for everyone in the community and around the world,” she says

“It will be with absolute gratitude and pure joy that we step in front of an audience for the first time in nearly a year. We know how lucky we are to be able to be back performing and we intend to give our audience a show to remember.”

“Nothing compares to that exchange of energy you feel when you perform for a live audience – it’s going to be so special to experience that again,” said Ms Hollingsworth.

She praised the dedication and focus of the dancers – first with the cancellation of THREE, which was just days from its April premiere, and then throughout lockdown.

The dancers were unable to train in the studio for almost two months and undertook all classes, rehearsals and creative development from their own living rooms (and kitchens) via zoom.

“They have been unwavering in their work this year, maintaining peak physical condition and nurturing their creative flow – and it is all worth it at this moment,” she says.

While the company ensemble has not performed in 2020, ADC’s Youth Ensemble has had the astonishing honour of performing twice in just three weeks. They were the first performers to reopen QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre, when they took to the stage for Echo on 28 & 29 August and now they are part of Brisbane Festival with Arc.

Concept / Direction: Amy Hollingsworth Choreography: Amy Hollingsworth in collaboration with the Australasian Dance Collective company artists Composition / Sound Design: Wil Hughes Costume Design: Alana Sargent Choreographic Assistant: Jake McLarnon Rehearsal Director: Andrea Briody

Cast – Company Artists: Marlo Benjamin, Lonii Garnons-Williams, Josephine Weise, Bernhard Knauer, Jack Lister, Jake McLarnon, Chase Clegg-Robinson

Cast – Youth Ensemble: Natalya Alexiou, Trinity Andaloro, Finn Armstrong, Mia Beame, Rikia Bell, Sarah Bellenger, Jacinta Bounkeua, Claire Bryan, Makeda Callinicos-Tomlin, Grace Campbell, Josie Cullen, Charlotte Dunks, Emma-lee Finlay, Eliza Flowers, Esther Gulley, Tamyn Hunt, Sarah Kaplan, Alissa Kouzmenkov, Ryanna Lawson, Brianna Lyddieth, Mia Mangano, Chloe O’Sullivan, Luchel Oegema, Avalon Ormiston, Zoe Paterson, Teagan Potter, Aidra Refausse, Mia Sibley, Indigo Stuart, Matilda Thomas

River Quay Green, South Bank (Brisbane)
Performances: Friday 18 & Saturday 19 September 2020 – 5.00pm
Free event

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Australasian Dance Collective presents the world premiere of Arc (supplied)