Asher Fisch to become WASO’s longest serving Principal Conductor with extension through 2025

West Australian Symphony Orchestra is delighted to announce that their partnership with Asher Fisch has been extended until the end of 2025, making his relationship with WA’s State Orchestra the most enduring of any principal conductor in the company’s history.

“Asher’s dynamic musical leadership has inspired and challenged our musicians, and together they have unleashed the orchestra’s creative potential,” said WASO Chairman Richard Goyder.

“The deep musical understanding between Asher and the orchestra has resulted in unforgettable concert experiences over the past nine years, and we are excited by the artistic discoveries this partnership will reveal in the future.”

Asher Fisch forged a powerful musical connection with the Orchestra from his debut performances of Verdi’s Requiem in 1999 and, following subsequent successful visits to Perth, commenced as Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor in 2014.

Since then, Asher and WASO have delivered outstanding performances and major projects to delighted audiences in Perth; from the Beethoven, Brahms and Wagner Festivals (2014-17) and the introduction of the Discovery Concert format; to the concert production of Wagner’s 4-hour epic Tristan und Isolde (2018) and a reimagined telling of Beethoven’s Fidelio (2020).

This extension will see Asher surpass the two previous decade-long tenures achieved by Principal Conductors Ernest J Roberts (1937-47) and John Farnsworth Hall (1955-65), setting a new milestone for the orchestra.

“After nine years as Principal Conductor, my love of WASO, its musicians and its audience has only deepened. When I commenced my tenure, my goal was to help the orchestra forge a more distinctive musical identity, one built on a powerful, flexible sound, and developed by intensive work on the cornerstones of the orchestral repertoire.

“We have been relentless in this pursuit and the artistic growth we have achieved together has been incredibly rewarding,” said Asher Fisch. “This continuing drive for excellence enables us to explore new repertoire and concert formats together and allows us to return to key works with fresh insight and passion.”

“While I am obviously delighted to continue my relationship with this great orchestra – and honoured to become its longest serving Principal Conductor – I’m also extremely proud to be part of an organisation that has an equal passion for the important work it does in the community, enriching the lives of so many people across Western Australia,” said Fisch.

“Asher is a superb musician and conductor, both instinctive and dynamic and the players have developed a close working relationship with him over the last 10 years,” said WASO Concertmaster Laurence Jackson, on behalf of the musicians.

“He is everything a Principal Conductor should be, demanding, inspiring and musically courageous and also one that drives the orchestra to give everything they can in a performance.”

“Asher’s personal commitment to WASO, particularly over the last few difficult years means so much to the players and we look forward greatly to many more unique and memorable performances as we continue our musical journey together,” said Jackson.

WASO has recently announced its 2023 Season, the tenth consecutive season programmed in collaboration with Fisch.

“We are excited to share our 2023 season, which showcases all that the orchestra has achieved with Asher over his tenure and points towards the exciting ways in which this great artistic partnership will continue to develop,” said Paul Shannon, WASO CEO.

“We are proud to have a Principal Conductor of Asher’s calibre, an esteemed artist whose energy, artistry and passion continues to inspire us.”

West Australian Symphony Orchestra’s 2023 Season is on sale now. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Asher Fisch and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra – photo by Daniel James Grant