As You Like It opens at Queensland Theatre

Queensland-Theatre-presents-As-You-Like-It-photo-by-Brett-BoardmanQueensland Theatre will celebrate the community of theatre this month with their third show for the 2023 Season, Shakespeare’s classic, As You Like It, at the Bille Brown Theatre.

Directed by acclaimed Shakespearan director, Damien Ryan (Taming of the Shrew), audiences will be taken on a beguiling tale of twists and turns, but most importantly will be brought together as a community to build connection after a tough couple years.

As You Like It is about exile, being thrust away from everything you thought identifies you and everything that you have come to rely on,” said Damien. “These characters are forcibly exiled out into a freezing, frightening forest and they steadily build a new community of their own.”

“It’s exactly what Australians have been through these last couple years, exiled into our own homes and removed from our wider communities; but it’s time for us all to come out and reconnect. I cannot wait for that reconnection at the Bille Brown Theatre.”

As You Like It follows Rosalind as she’s banished by the villainous Duke Frederick. Forced to disguise herself as a man, she seeks refuge in the Forest of Arden – but she’s not alone. The forest is now home to other exiled fugitives… cue melodic songs, questionable poetry, wise-cracking fools and buckets of laughter.

For their take on the Shakespeare classic, Queensland Theatre have gone all out on the cast with an incredible ensemble of ten actors and actresses playing a total of 26 parts – all of which play their part in bringing to life the music of the production.

Emma Wright (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Orbit) takes on the lead role of Rosalind, while Colin Smith (Nearer the Gods, An Octoroon) plays opposite her as the Duke, Charles, William and Oliver Martext. Andrew Buchanan (The Sunshine Club, Othello) is Jacques and Adam, partnering with Helen Cassidy (Family Values, The Seagull) as the Duchess and Audrey.

Courtney Cavallaro (Dee Perse, What Of It?) appears as Celia and Phebe, while Davis Dingle (Impact, When the Rain Stops Falling) will perform as Silvius and the villainous Jacques de Bois with Phillippe Klaus (Much Ado About Nothing, Warangesda) as his brother Oliver de Bois.

Andrew Hearle (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Beautiful Thing) performs as Orlando and Hannah Raven (The Judas Kiss, A Midnight Visit) is Touchstone. Alec Steedman (Twelfth Night, Once) takes on three parts as Le Beau, Amiens, and Hymen.

“What really excites me about As You Like It is that it’s a play that celebrates theatre. It has this enormous love of theatre, a love of storytelling, and a love of actors,” said damien. “It’s an absolute celebration of all the things that the theatre community loves and the perfect opportunity for us all to come together.”

Director: Damien Ryan | Featuring: Andrew Buchanan, Helen Cassidy, Courtney Cavallaro, Davis Dingle, Andrew Hearle, Philippe Klaus, Hannah Raven, Colin Smith, Alec Steedman, Emma Wright | Composer/Musical Director: Alec Steedman | Set and Costume Designer: Emma White | Lighting Designer: David Murray | Stage Manager: Grant  | GravenerAssistant Stage Manager: Tia-Hanee Cleary, Bridget O’Brien

As You Like It
Bille Brown Theatre – Queensland Theatre, 78 Montague Road, South Brisbane
Season continues to 13 May 2023
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Image: Queensland Theatre presents As You Like It – photo by Brett Boardman