Arts and culture: bridging the gap towards better health

AAR-Collingwood-Arts-Precinct-photo-by-Peter-ClarkeVictorians will have more opportunities to participate in arts, cultural and creative activities to improve their health and build social connections through health promotion as VicHealth is awarding over $1million in funding for 12 initiatives as part of its Everyday Creativity and Art of Good Health grants program.

The newly funded projects include the development of a local creative community in partnership with the Collingwood Arts Precinct, the commissioning of public artworks for installation along the Dandenong Creek Trail, and support for YIRRAMBOI First Nations Festival to strengthen links with regional artists and audiences.

VicHealth CEO Dr Sandro Demaio says these creative new projects are designed to increase access for diverse communities so many more people participate in and benefit from our arts, cultural and creative sectors.

“Regular arts and cultural engagement mean better health outcomes, but unfortunately opportunities to engage in arts, cultural and creative experiences are not evenly distributed. Many people in our community face significant and complex barriers to participation,” said Dr Demaio.

“In the midst of coronavirus, it is more important than ever to support our community to feel socially connected and included. We are proud of these new partnerships that can ensure cultural, physical and systematic barriers to good health are addressed and diminished so more Victorians live healthier lives.”

The Everyday Creativity grants and Art of Good Health grants are designed to promote health and wellbeing at the local level through the arts and culture sector. They respectively focus on building stronger and more equitable communities, and developing creative solutions to stubborn health promotion challenges. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Collingwood Arts Precinct – photo by Peter Clarke