Artlands Victoria an opportunity for critical dialogue about Regional Arts in Australia

Artlands Victoria Robby Wirramanda, Njanjera Direl Direlug, to observe sky heaven, 2017 AARThis October in Bendigo and Castlemaine, Artlands Victoria will bring together over 700 delegates and artists who will gather for meaningful exchanges and critical dialogue about Regional Arts in Australia.

Linking the arts sector with industries that export growth, productivity and innovation in a regional context, Artlands Victoria curates a dialogue that advocates a model that is socially, creatively, financially, environmentally and artistically sustainable.

With a spotlight on the dynamic and distinctive connections between people and place, Artlands Victoria connects the art sector with education, technology, manufacturing, transport, agriculture, health, retail, hospitably, finance and tourism.

Reinterpreting the context of arts policy and practice, and aligning strongly with the vision of Dja Dja Wurrung Country Plan, the Artlands Victoria framework was developed to focus on nine key themes which has set the tone for all programming:

1. People – Djaara (our people); 2. Practice and process – Cultural practices and customs; 3. Cross industries – Cultural heritage; 4. Place – Bush tucker; 5. Exchange – Rivers and waterways; 6. Creative risk – Land; 7. Leadership – Self determination; 8. Sustainability – Traditional owner economy; and 9. Advocacy – Joint management.

Designed as a multi-art, cross industry and intergenerational gathering, Artlands Victoria is an integrated conference and cultural program that combines a selection of curated exhibitions, dance, music and theatre, alongside works in progress, explorations and commissioned projects with an engaged speakers program.

Exchanging the latest trends, case studies and projects, Artlands Victoria will program a series of plenary sessions on innovation and best practice; panels with speakers sharing knowledge and expertise; workshops to develop skills, insights and connections; poster room interactive sessions on art practice and process; and open round table dialogue about regional practice.

“Artlands Victoria has been designed to reflect and respond to the emerging trends and needs of regional artists and arts industry that will stimulate critical reflection and provide a much-needed opportunity for industries to gather, present work and enter into meaningful exchange,” said Artlands Victoria Creative Director Ros Abercrombie.

“We will include a range of voices across generations, cultures, practice and industry through our participating artists, speakers and delegates.”

Celebrating twenty years in 2018, Artlands is the biennial event that shines a national spotlight on Australia’s regional arts. Scheduled every two years by Regional Arts Australia to circulate around the country among its member organisations, Artlands was last presented by Regional Arts Victoria in 2004 as Meeting Place in Horsham.

Artlands Victoria takes place in Bendigo and Castlemaine: 10 – 14 October 2018. For more information and to view program announced to date, visit: for details.

Image: Robby Wirramanda, Njanjera Direl Direlug, to observe sky heaven, 2017. Archival Print on rag paper (supplied)