Applespiel Make a Band and Take On the Recording Industry

Applespiel Makes A Band...Presented as part of the Malthouse Theatre’s Helium initiative, Applespiel Make a Band and Take On the Recording Industry tracks the meteoric rise to fame, and inevitable downfall, of an eight-member strong indie band.

The result is part theatre show, part live rockumentary, and part rock concert, created live on stage every night. The work, a rich mix of live performance and live-to-air moving image, offers audience members the option of watching the mechanism of its creation or the finished film onscreen. Raw, vulnerable and loud, this is Applespiel reaching out through the camera, and asking you to love them.

Applespiel are a collective of young and emerging artists who collaborate as performers, musicians, technicians and devisers. Active since 2009, Applespiel evolved out of a shared interest in contemporary performance and a collaborative creative process.

They have devised and performed both nationally and internationally with past works including; At the Request of Carl Sagan, Sexy New Urban Design Team, Applespiel’s Morning Breakfast Commercial Radio Show, Executive Stress/Corporate Retreat, Awful Literature is Still Literature I Guess, By the Sea Freedom and Snail Piece.

“An exuberant and entertaining parody that has overtones of Spinal Tap but is much more self mocking… very tightly choreographed and carried out with split second timing.” – MegaphoneOz

Devisers and Performers: Simon Binns, Nathan Harrison, Nikki Kennedy, Emma McManus, Joseph Parro, Troy Reid, Rachel Roberts and Mark Rogers

Applespiel Make a Band and Take On the Recording Industry
Malthouse Theatre, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank
Season: 3 – 13 September 2014
Bookings: (03) 9685 5111 or online at:

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Image: photo by Lucy Parakhina