Anywhere Festival

AF_Paul CulliverReturning to the local nooks and crannies of the Melbourne beach-side suburb of Frankston, the Anywhere Festival is back for its second year from 21 August to 6 September 2015.

Featuring approximately 100 performances, there will be drama in someone’s home, comedy with a haircut, a shopping tour of Frankston, burlesque in a bar and plenty of comedy and dance. The festival is about providing an approach that makes it easier for independent producers to produce work in a sustainable way while providing an amazing experience for audiences.

“What rocks about Anywhere Festival is it appeals to anyone who wants something exciting and different,” says Co-Founder Paul Osuch. “People come who aren’t regular theatre goers as well as theatre goers that are looking for something more than the regular experience.”

Highlights of the Anywhere Festival include:

Paul Culliver is the Best Newcomer
If you’re a young up and coming comedian in skinny jeans, designer stubble and cool haircut, where’s the next place to conquer with your comedy? Frankston, of course! Paul will bring an encore run of his hugely successful debut stand-up comedy show to Stereo Espresso.

Collision Course
Developed by Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Garry Stewart in collaboration with CM Film Productions, the video features 48 extreme slow motion collisions between dancers, boxers, martial artists, gymnasts, football players and street culture enthusiasts. In each collision we witness in vivid detail the reconfiguration of faces, limbs and bodies as they collide against each other with impact.

The Butterfly Surgeons
With a host of whimsical tools, the Get Out! ensemble will perform “butterfly surgery” on volunteer patients to remove unwanted nervous energy at various locations around Frankston. Suitable for all ages, experience this wonderfully strange, humorous and tender interactive surgical experience.

FMZ (Funny With Zombies)
Presented by Frankston Arts Centre Arts Access FMZ features a carload of drama performed in a car park, written, directed and produced by local teenagers.

Good Show
What happens when the machines are smarter than us? What happens when the computers come for our jobs? What happens when President Robobama takes the White House? The first comedic outing of a new sketch supergroup consisting of Big Hoo-Haa alumni Sophie Kneebone, Matt Saraceni, Brianna Williams and Luke Ryan.

Is That A Burrito in Your Pocket Or Are you Just Happy You Have a Burrito?
The debut solo show of comedian Lauren Bok. We’re born, we are shoveled into a channel of carbohydrate, and the weight of life’s commitments are thrown on top of us. The Cheese of Career. The Tomato Salsa of Broken Dreams. The Guacamole of Expectations. The Sour Cream of Regret.

The Golden Age / In Transit
Yellow Wheel and LYDT have joined forces to present two wild, new dance theatre works featuring the next generation of young, local movers. The Golden Age – A moment of terrible achievement. A time of beautiful ruin. An age of golden desolation. In Transit – waiting, hoping, queuing, rushing. It’s not a destination. It’s a holding place, an indistinct portal to somewhere else. Where odd souls meet and don’t meet. A lonely place. A place to be endured. A place to find love?

Devize Co presents an exploration in touch, lust, love, pleasure and displeasure, that blends contemporary dance with narrative and text in this stunning physical theatre show. Playing out the many possibilities of the single moment when eyes meet, desires peak and you make a move, Plunge examines the short and long term impacts of romantic advances that are reciprocated, rejected or unrequited.

Window Shopping Walking Tours with Dash and D’Bree
Australia’s Got Talent survivors take you on a tour (quite literally) through the shopping centre of Frankston. Part comedy, part music, all walking fun fest that reveals Frankston’s fashion hot spots, the bayside suburb’s influences on current street style and how to harness the power of fashion to express and empower yourself – Franger style!

Winter’s Last Hurrah
Celebrate the end of winter on a spooky full moon at Mulberry Hill. This event kicks off our garden fundraiser with opportunities for you to really make a difference. Eat, drink and be merry with spicy mulled wines & ciders to warm your tummy, and feasts for the eyes and ears!

The 2015 Anywhere Festival Frankston runs 21 August – 6 September. For more information and complete programme, visit: for details.

Image: Paul Culliver