Anya Anastasia: The Execution

TBC Anya Anastasia The ExecutionAward winning cabaret chanteuse, Anya Anastasia is bringing a brand spanking new, fierce, and tightly choreographed new breed of contemporary cabaret, The Execution to the intentionally petite stage of The Butterfly Club for a limited season from 27 June 2017.

See the action up close as it becomes personal. Anastasia is stripping… her extravagant stage shows back to the core essence of her artistic mission statement: to hold the world accountable through mischievous mockery, passing her judgement and rattling cages. Off with their self-serving heads.

Anastasia, along with the long-suffering journalists in Australian media, sees it as her civic duty as a satirist, artist, and songwriter to demand accountability and be the judge, jury and executioner as she brings current affairs under the cabaret spotlight.

Her quick wit and sharp satire bites down hard on the contemporary tongue, forget the feathered fourfoot headdresses, forget the confetti cannons and the extravagant lighting design of large scale cabaret and variety, get down and dirty with the thinkers, the spectacle here is the ideas, and the deft execution of their articulation.

While Anastasia’s work has always had a strong element of social and political commentary, this new cutting edge zeitgeist contemporary cabaret cuts very close to the bone and is her first hard hitting attempt at turning her full lyrical prowess to the task of questioning and articulating how people are feeling in our current political landscape, no holding back.

Far more cerebral in its presentation, The Execution is a side-step from Anastasia’s recent critically acclaimed show Rogue Romantic which is set to tour to London and Edinburgh in July and August this year, in which Anya plays a feisty and seductive cabaret chanteuse. Channelling Yma Sumac and Shirley Bassey, Anya’s vocals range from husky cabaret to operatic soprano, to the delight of cabaret, live music and theatre lovers.

Anya Anastasia: The Execution
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: 27 June – 2 July 2017

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