Anonymous messages from the nocturnal guardians

AAR-The-Nightline-photo-by-Sarah-WalkerRant, rave, ramble, reflect – we’re ready to listen. Under the cover of darkness, anyone can call The Nightline project to share or download their late-night thoughts and stories – What’s on your mind? How are you spending your night? What’s keeping you awake? What’s getting you through?

Roslyn Oades from The Nightline project explains that people can leave as many late-night messages as they like: “We’re keen to hear from anyone during the early hours of the morning – insomniacs, dreamers or shift workers across many industries: healthcare, emergency services, carers, gamers, cleaners, taxi drivers as well as people in logistics, hospitality or security,” she said.

“We want to hear the voices from all night owls – it can be a quick rant, secret confession, discreet experience, simple reflection or beautiful memory. Some of our recordings have featured parents singing a lullaby to their waking child or people sharing their dreams and desires,” said Oades.

An audio portrait inspired by the voices of the sleepless, The Nightline is a creative project that will weave the late-night voice recordings into an evocative audio installation experience. Next year, the work will appear across Australia with unique and site specific content created for each city, including Melbourne’s new RISING festival in May 2021.

To contribute – record a voice memo / WhatsApp recording on your phone & send it to 0457 910 843. Altenatively, call direct to leave an old-school phone message anytime between midnight and 6.00am.

For more information, visit: for details – checkout the trailer here!

Image: The Nightline – photo by Sarah Walker