Animal Farm

Animal Farm Dale March - photo by Tash McCammonOne man, more than 20 characters, Riverside Theatres presents State Theatre Company South Australia’s daring new adaption of George Orwell’s political classic, Animal Farm, for a limited season from 1 May 2019.

Revolution is coming to Manor Farm. Under the guidance of some rebellious pigs, a group of farm animals unite to drive out their cruel human oppressors and build utopia. But the swine are not as united as they appear and their division gives rise to a terrifying new system of power and repression.

A sublime and unadorned piece of theatrical storytelling, Animal Farm will see the exceptional Dale March (Sydney Theatre Company’s The Removalists) inhabit upwards of 20 characters, from the revolutionary pigs to the stoic draft horse and the tyrannical Mr Jones.

This scintillating take on one of the greatest stories of English literature sees March join forces with renowned director Geordie Brookman, in his final production as Artistic Director of State Theatre Company South Australia.

Written in the 1940s, Brookman says Animal Farm was a response to the rise of authoritarian governments around the world and is sadly still relevant today. “As the historian Timothy Snyder wrote, ‘post-truth is pre-fascism,’ and terrifyingly we find ourselves very much in a post-truth world,” he said.

“Orwell was such a precise analyst of the darker trends of human nature that it is no surprise that his work in general and this beautiful parable specifically retain such powerful relevance today.”

Director / Adaptation: Geordie Brookman Featuring: Dale March Assistant Director: Clara Solly-Slade Designer: Bianka Kennedy Designer / Lighting Designer: Alexander Ramsay Composition / Sound Design: Andrew Howard

Animal Farm
Lennox Theatre – Riverside Theatres, corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta
Season: 1 – 3 May 2019
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Image: Dale March stars in Animal Farm – photo by Tash McCammon