Andrew Vukosav: Longitude, Latitude, Solitude

Andy Vukosav, Recumbent Nude, 2017 (detail)Gone are the days that you need to purchase a plane ticket to see the majestic views of Australia from astonishing heights. The latest exhibition by pilot and renowned commercial photographer, Andrew Vukosav, will take people on a journey 6,000 feet above the Australian landscape without leaving the tarmac.

In fact, one only needs to travel to the modern bottle shop, Magnum + Queens Wine located in South Melbourne for a memorable evening. Launching on Thursday 28 February 2019 – the free exhibition titled Longitude, Latitude, Solitude will open its doors to cultured art and wine enthusiasts looking to take their perspective of the world to new heights.

The sensory journey of this new exhibition gives new meaning to the word ‘wine flight’. The myriad of work on display offers a glimpse of secluded places, usually with no sign of animal of human activity, and is seen from a private vantage that defiantly overturns any tourist cliché.

Andrew has decades of experience under his belt. He is an award winning commercial fashion photographer with many of his works being commissioned throughout Australia, Asia and the U.S. Vukosav has also shot campaigns for notable publications and brands such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Singapore Airlines, Coca Cola and McDonalds – just to name a few.

Commemorating his extraordinary life and career, Andrew brings together two of his life’s passions – flying and photography. His seminal exhibition Longitude, Latitude, Solitude gives consumers a rare insight to intimate moments of the artists’ solitude, while traversing our vast and intensely beautiful country in a single engine aircraft.

In a contemporary move, Andrew mounted a camera in the underbelly of the plane, with a trigger and a basic WIFI link to his iPad. “Since the camera is remotely mounted in the rear of the underbelly, I have no physical way of looking through a traditional viewfinder,” said Vukosav. “In addition to that the camera cannot move relative to the plane so therefore the plane is effectively the camera.”

Andrew Vukosav is set to take his work to new heights, with a midyear show in Sydney after which the exhibition will travel abroad.

Andrew Vukosav: Longitude, Latitude, Solitude
Magnum + Queens Wine, 2 / 274 – 278 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
Exhibition: 1 – 30 March 2019
Free entry

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Andrew Vukosav, Recumbent Nude, 2017 (detail) – S35º30.9’ E138º13.5′ – Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia