An Essential Guide To Styling Your Home With Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal-ArtArt is something you use to express yourself. It can be in the form of pictures, paintings, sculptures, and the like. In fact, art has been used from generation to generation, including indigenous people.

Different communities and nationalities had different ways of developing their art. They used most art to pass a message among themselves in a manner another community couldn’t understand the message. 

One community that had such art was the native Australians. Their art is referred to as Aboriginal. It’s still present today, and you can add it to your home as decoration. You don’t have to be of Australian origin to do this; a liking to the art is enough reason to do this.

How will you style your home with Aboriginal art? Here’s a guide to follow. 

Use it to fill empty spaces
Your home is made up of many spaces. These don’t necessarily have to be the rooms; they include your walls and other building elements. Consider using Aboriginal art to fill an empty space in your home. 

To do this, it’s best to centre the piece of art. If it’s an empty wall from top to bottom, use a large, horizontal piece of art, and centre it on the wall. Aboriginal art brings your wall together and adds life to it. 

Alternatively, you can create an art wall. You’ll place several pieces of Aboriginal art from companies like Urban Road, preferably at the centre, and arrange them in a sequence. Ensure the art is small-sized to avoid overwhelming the wall.

An empty space could also be the area above your couch or a table pushed against the wall. Placing your Aboriginal art above these spaces will bring justice to them. Be sure to place the art at eye level and preferably centre it above the sofa or table.

Use it to create a focal point
There’s a high probability your home has several decoration pieces and items you adore. Based on your home’s arrangement, there are items you feel don’t get the attention they should be getting.

Such items could be your large, curved TV, a home console, or an aquarium. An ideal way to style your home with Aboriginal art would be to place them at the top of the unseen items.

The art itself is attractive and will draw attention to guests in your home. As they view the art, your console will be visible as well.

Add the art to enhance the purpose of a room
As previously stated, your home has several spaces, each serving a different purpose. You’ll find the bedroom where you rest and the study room where you work or study, among other spaces. 

You can use Aboriginal art to enhance the functions of these rooms. Since your bedroom is meant for relaxing, put up art that showcases what relaxes you. It could be never-ending trees, the beach, the sky, and the like.

Preferably place it directly opposite your bed, so it’s always within your view. As you get to bed, looking at the art will calm you, drawing you into sleep. 

On the other hand, your study room requires you to focus. Therefore, the Aboriginal art you put up should help you to do this.

The art, in this case, should be something that motivates you. It could be your dream house, a forest, or a colour pattern. Be sure to place in the direction you face as you work. 

Use the art to create an illusion
There’s a probability the spaces in your home differ in terms of physical characteristics. These differences might be real, or you’ve perceived them in your mind. Either way, they, at times, don’t sit right with you. 

You can use Aboriginal art to bring uniformity to your rooms. Suppose you feel a given wall in your living room is longer than usual. Placing a large, horizontal Aboriginal art at the centre of this wall can make it appear small.

On the other hand, where a wall seems shorter, style this wall with vertical Aboriginal art. The art’s vertical element will ‘elongate’ your wall, making it appear longer. 

Besides specific elements, you could feel a room is too big as well. In this case, style the space with several small-sized Aboriginal art pieces. Do the opposite with a small room.

Use art to add to character
Your adopted theme more or less depicts your home’s character. Themes range from traditional to modern ones. 

The art fixture you add to your home should positively impact its theme. Suppose your home has a traditional theme. Ensure you use Boho Aboriginal art pieces. Textured art pieces also reflect this theme.

Look for Aboriginal art with smooth finishes and modern paintings for modern themes. With both options, you’ll be ensuring theme continuity. Nonetheless, you can contrast your home’s theme with Aboriginal art if you feel the theme is too much.

Where you have a traditional theme, place modern Aboriginal art between this theme to break the monotony. The reverse applies to a modern-themed home as well. The aim is to contrast everything beautifully.

Styling your home with art pieces is something you can easily adopt to bring out its beauty. The discussion above guides you on styling your home with Aboriginal art. With this guide, you’ll achieve both functionality and aesthetics. Highly consider implementing this guide.