An Essential Guide to Art Nouveau Engagement Rings 

Whether you’re looking to find the best engagement ring for your partner or you’re personally shopping for your own engagement ring, this article is for you. Art nouveau engagement rings are perfect for individuals who want something unique and creative.

They are also great for those who want something authentic and timeless. They have been famous in the past but have earned the preferences of many individuals today. If you want to know more about these unique ring trends, you can refer to this article as a guide.

You can elevate the versatility and distinction of your engagement ring by making it Art nouveau-inspired. Its vintage aesthetics will make your ring stand out from afar and become a fun and exciting topic among your girlfriends. 

What are Art Nouveau Rings?
Art nouveau rings became popular from the early 1890s until the 1910s. Many women at that time recognized its opulence and classic designs. However, a wide range of inspirations influenced jewellery designers during the Art Nouveau era. Furthermore, during the Victorian era, designers tried to break out from the rigid aesthetic of the naturalistic design.  

When Japan started trading with the West once again, the art nouveau design was influenced by some elements and culture of Japanese Modernism. If you’re wondering what art nouveau is, it means ‘new art.’ British arts and crafts influenced it a lot. During this period, there were no constraints on using animals and environmental resources in designs.  

During the 1890-1915 era, France was known for its creative style. Several things were happening in France at the time of Art Nouveau jewellery. The women of that time fought for their rights to study and work.

Due to these societal events, the art nouveau rings were made with snakes and other animal symbols representing either a tamed or tenacious and independent woman. Somehow, most French men perceived women as either of the two.  

However, as it spread throughout Europe, Art Nouveau jewellery evolved in its design and significance. The designs were more emphasized and elaborated to express art. The focus was geared toward superior craftsmanship instead of the history behind it.

It was also a time when handcrafted pieces of jewellery experienced high demand. Finally, following industrialization, art nouveau rings could be made and processed through machines. At present, art nouveau engagement rings can be handcrafted or created by machines. 

What are the Features of Art Nouveau Rings? 
Nature-inspired designs and geometrical patterns dominated Art Nouveau engagement rings. Nowadays, you can find a lot of art nouveau rings that depict nature’s beauty without breaking the bank. For instance, Anania’s engagement rings and other reputable sellers offer you the best quality rings at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for an art nouveau ring, consider the following features:

Flowing symmetry and soft swirls were hallmarks of Art Nouveau engagement rings. Art Nouveau designs tend to be smooth and free flowing with asymmetrical designs. Among its compelling qualities is its softness.  

At first glance, Art nouveau rings can be associated with nature’s beauty. Nature played a prominent role in its many designs in terms of shapes, colours, or floral patterns. For instance, you’ll find many art nouveau rings with animals like birds, snakes, insects, and so on.

However, in recent years, the design for animals has shifted towards butterflies, flowers, and other pleasant nature designs. While art nouveau may not earn some women’s approval, these are perfect for women who want to have unique engagement or wedding rings. With their incredible skills, jewellery craftsmen can create intricate and stunning art nouveau jewellery.  

Settings And Materials 
Additionally, new materials and colours are being used for engagement rings that weren’t used before. For example, one modern trend for such rings is using brightly coloured enamels with a stained-glass effect. 

In Art Nouveau jewellery, settings were renowned for enhancing gemstones’ natural characteristics by creating interesting designs. The use of other gemstones is also made possible. For instance, you can find art nouveau rings with pearls, opal, citrine, and other precious gemstones.   

During the Art Nouveau period, platinum became known to the public. Generally, gold, silver, and platinum bands were made of 14k and 18k gold.  

Genuine antiques, like their price tags, are no small feats. Art nouveau rings could cost a fortune depending on what features and ring details you prefer. This is why you must thoroughly research and understand them in detail.

Ideally, these rings can be passed down as heirlooms in the family, making them the best investment jewellery. Hopefully, you’ve gained insights from this guide so you can purchase your art nouveau ring without challenges in the future.  

Image: An engagement ring on display (supplied)