All The Things I Couldn’t Say

RUMPUS-All-The-Things-I-Couldnt-Say-photos-by-JamoisPrepare to be captivated by an innovative theatre experience that delves into the unspoken, the concealed, and the unsaid. A thought-provoking and emotionally resonant original devised theatre piece, All The Things I Couldn’t Say will make its highly anticipated return with a brand new rendition, in a premiere season from 26 September at the Flinders Drama Centre.

Written and directed by the talented Katherine Sortini, inspired by the poignant confessions on the website, The Unsent Project, this multi-disciplinary vignette show masterfully brings together the raw emotions and untold stories from anonymous individuals across the globe.

What remains unsaid? What could happen if these unsaid words found their voice? These questions lie at the heart of this evocative production.

Following its remarkable success at the 2022 Adelaide Fringe, where it garnered accolades and rave reviews, All The Things I Couldn’t Say captivated audiences with its exploration of the unspoken truths that shape our lives.

The show’s inaugural performance, First Rendition, saw a sold-out season and earned a prestigious 5-star review. Adding to its laurels, the production secured the Adelaide Festival Centre’s InSpace Fringe Award, further solidifying its status as a theatrical sensation.

Deus Ex Femina and their exceptional creative team have ingeniously curated a performance that lays bare the innermost desires, regrets, and emotions that people have longed to express but haven’t dared.

Through an enthralling combination of art forms, the production provides an intimate glimpse into the human experience of yearning for authentic communication.

This investigation into the complexity of self-editing and the impact of our words – or lack thereof – underscores the profound effects of seemingly small decisions on the trajectory of our lives.

All The Things I Couldn’t Say promises to challenge, inspire, and resonate deeply, inviting you to reflect on the power of words and the significance of genuine connection. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with the unspoken narratives that shape us all.

Lead Writer / Story & Director: Katherine Sortini | Performers & Collaborators: Arran Beattie, Caithlin O’Loghlen, Kate Bonney, Zola Allen, Eddie Morrison, Tumelo Nthupi | Technical Director & Lighting Designer: Mark Oakley | Lighting Design Realisation & AV Operation: Nic Mollison | Design Consultant: Kathryn Sproul | Sound Designer: Sascha Budimski | Producer: Deus Ex Femina

All The Things I Couldn’t Say
Flinders Drama Centre – Flinders University, Humanities Road, Bedford Park (Adelaide)
Season: 26 September – 1 October 2023

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Image: All The Things I Couldn’t Say – photo by Jamois