Ailie Banks: The Book of Bitch

Ailie Banks The Book of Bitch The Book of Bitch is an unapologetic, illustrated A to Z guide for those reclaiming and celebrating their inner bitch.

Writer and artist Ailie Banks is a self-proclaimed bitch. The word has been thrown at her, and the women around her, Ailie’s entire life. A bitch is stereotypically thought to be unkind, uncaring and ultimately untrustworthy.

But in Ailie’s eyes, a bitch is someone who stands firm and speaks their mind in the face of sexist rhetoric. They don’t filter themselves for the comfort of others and they don’t give a single damn about meeting societal expectations.

“This book is dedicated to all the bitches in my life,” say Banks. “From the ones who raised me to those who continuously raise me up… And to you, may you become the bitch you were born to be.”

From Ambitious Bitch to Zealous Bitch, The Book of Bitch is an alphabetical tribute to the word sneered through clenched teeth at those who refuse to shrink in the face of oppression. This book shows once and for all that every bitch is multifaceted, every bitch is human and every bitch deserves to be celebrated.

“I want to be an Ailie Banks kind of bitch. Terrorising bigots, breastfeeding in public, glam while surviving and holding a megaphone – these illustrations are badass and uncompromising. This book just put ‘tenacious’ back in my vocabulary and on my to-do list.” – Bri Lee (author of Eggshell Skull)

Ailie Banks is an Illustrator living in the Blue Mountains of Australia. She is passionate about using her art to challenge social norms and create meaningful dialogue around living with mental illness and the realities of womanhood. If you resonated with this book, Ailie would love for you to join her community on Instagram, @ailiebanks, or check out her website:

The Book of Bitch is published by Allen & Unwin and available from all leading book retailers including Booktopia.

Image: The Book of Bitch – courtesy of Allen & Unwin