Adelaide Fringe: Warhol – Karma Bullet

Warhol - Karma BulletThis year I was fortunate to visit the Whitney Museum in New York where it was a Warhol wonderland of art. Warhol is one interesting character with a life as colourful as his art. Garry Roost brings his own colour to the play Warhol – Karma Bullet and for one hour we are taken through the eyes and mind of Warhol.

I can’t profess to being a Warhol expert but its hard not to be intrigue with his life and the wonderful part about this show was learning some interesting facts like his Mum had lived with him for 20 years until the late 1960s. Apparently she was only staying until he got married. We all know how that was going to end.

Roost gave a stunning and electric performance as Warhol, taking us inside the mind of the troubled artist. Being a one man show Roost cleverly switched from character to character playing the roles of a drag queen, art dealer and other central people in Warhol’s life at the time to give us a full perspective of the people in his life and how they impacted on him.

The play mainly focusses on Warhol after he was shot by the crazed SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men) Manifesto author Valerie Solanas who in her mind thought he “had too much control in my life.” The intensity of the shooting and the affects on Warhol were cleverly portrayed by Roost giving the audience the feel of the late 60s vibe of the art world. A wonderful insight to the mind of a troubled and sensitive genius.

Warhol – Karma Bullet 
The Cabinet Room at Treasury 1860, 144 King William Street, Adelaide
Performance: Thursday 28 February 2019
Season continues to 10 March 2019
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Image: Warhol – Karma Bullet (supplied)

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment