Adelaide Fringe – The Last King of Vaudeville 

dris Stanton Last King of VaudevilleIf you are looking for an old school vaudevillian show, this isn’t for you, if you are looking for a modern tip of the boater hat to this bygone era of entertainment, then pull up a chair.

Idris [Id-Riss] Stanton touts himself as the Last King of Vaudeville; however, a more apt description would be the Last Court Jester. Stanton, with Jim Carey-ish facials and personable approach, rapidly endeared himself with his audience.

With measured portions of stand up, circus, magic, song, slapstick and mime, to name only a few inclusions, Stanton brings many of the elements of vaudeville together, missing only perhaps a dancing poodle routine.

Stanton aptly describes the now vaulted vaudeville as the 1920’s cat videos. Much of Stanton’s humour comes from groan-worthy puns, but in context, that was the expected norm in the music halls of old and thus, highly apropos.

Stanton holds a degree in circus arts and he was at his finest on stage when utilising these skills. His mimed drum loop pedal and percussive juggling balls routine was almost hypnotic. The plate twirling finale was a sugary climax that almost left you in a diabetic coma and was the one moment in the show that was truly a tribute to the lost art of vaudeville.

Stanton indicated his aim with this show was to entertain his audience without having to be offensive or inappropriate. This was the way of old humour and I’m sure the ghosts of the once candlelit boards were aptly sitting at the rear of the venue with a thankful grin.

The Last King of Vaudeville 
La Petite Grande at Gluttony, Rymill Park, Adelaide
Performance: Thursday 8 March 2018
Season continues to 18 March 2018
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Image: Idris Stanton (supplied)

Review: Jeff Lang – courtesy of All About Entertainment