Adelaide Fringe: Smaller, Poorer, Weaker, Cheaper

asher-treleavenEverybody sing…”Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You fat bastard! You fat bastard! You ate all the pies!!!”

Blessed with a gangly, quirky, physicality Asher Treleaven believes he is the master of rapid-fire witty comebacks – he isn’t, but that doesn’t matter.

Friday night’s audience was warm and generous and appeared to really enjoy the show. Mishaps were spun into comedy gold, hecklers became an integral part of the plot and there was a genuine love-fest going on with the big guy in the front row (“you look like a gorgeous, delicious plum!”)

My favourite bit was the tee shirt slogan and how a combination of shmutz, poor punctuation and racism triggers a scathing attack on a pie-wielding Outback bogan. There was no scathing attack, no pithy put-down.

All of Treleaven’s heroics happen in his imagination! There are literally hundreds of shows on offer this Fringe season.  While it might be tempting to stick with big name acts you’ve seen on the telly, remember it is The Fringe.  It’s meant to be edgy, different, off-beat and Asher Treleaven is exactly that!

Smaller, Poorer, Weaker, Cheaper
Campanile – Garden of Unearthly Delights, East Terrace, Adelaide
Performance: Friday 7 March 2014 – 9.30pm
Season continues to 16 March 2014

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Review: Amanda Davies– courtesy of Betty Samis (All About Entertainment):

Image: Asher Treleaven