Adelaide Fringe: Sameena Zehra – Tea With Terrorists

Tea with terroristsOh my giddy Aunt! Masterful story-teller Sameena Zehra will hijack your heart and blow you away! Tea With Terrorists is the whimsically surreal tale of Sameena’s eccentric family and her upbringing…in a liberal muslim environment.

Born in London and raised in Kashmir, her secret weapon is a gentle mellifluous accent  that has the audience captivated from the very beginning. This real-life story is packed tighter than a suicide bomber’s backpack and is chockers with fun and ridiculous high-jinks.

With a lovably malevolent grandmother (“I curse you and your seven generations.  May your kneecaps fall off.”), a useless maid who causes more chaos than cleanliness, a stalking sheep and a helpful, polite terrorist this refreshingly cheerful tale is finely crafted and perfectly delivered.

I absolutely loved this show! It was a surprising, inspiring, delightful diversion, hitting all the check points with pin point accuracy and never once making you feel like you’re in a war zone. Stick a rocket up your Jacksie if you miss this one! 5 love hearts out of 5.

Sameena Zehra – Tea With Terrorists
The Piglet – Gluttony Park, East Terrace, Adelaide
Season continues to 15 March 2014
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Review: Amanda Davies – courtesy of Betty Samis (All About Entertainment):