Adelaide Fringe: Peter & Bambi Heaven – The Magic Inside

GOUD Peter and Bambi HeavenI love magic. I also love comedy. Attending my first Fringe show for 2016, I was pleasantly surprised that this show was a combination of both. It’s exactly what the Fringe is about. If only there were more shows like this.

Meet Peter and Bambi Heaven. What better magic could you bring onto the stage than two extremely good looking performers who are in love and are happy to share their love story with the audience?

Bambi was a cage dancer on the Gold Coast when she met Peter who fulfilled her dream of becoming a magician’s assistant. What’s hilarious about this show, is it actually takes the ‘mickey’ out of magicians and their charismatic offside assistants. The silliness is what makes it.

Peter realises he can’t take the ‘cage dancing’ out of his girl, and Bambi has tried to adapt to her newfound role, learning that the show needs to go on despite off stage arguments and magic trick mishaps.

Prepare for death defying levitation, trances, wardrobe mishaps, tricks that go wrong, and that sometimes mother nature strikes when you least expect her to. All these are of course, nothing like you’ve seen in any other show, as they’re stamped with Peter and Bambi Heaven’s trademark.

Both share monologues about how they met, even bringing us into their world of affirmations they recite to each other after attending Landmark self help seminars. This is where I laughed my head off because I know what Landmark is about and I could really connect to it! Miss Nude Waterfall is just one of Bambi’s string of beauty pageant wins. I’m not surprised because she would give Giselle a run for her money.

Both are also very passionate about the environment, especially saving the fish, as Bambi tells us, there’s none left in the ocean. Peter shows us his pain through artistic interpretation calling it ‘The Great Barrier Grief’. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as the audience laughing uncontrollably set off a domino effect.

Women will connect with Bambi because she’s the voice for all females who dream about being proposed to in Paris, having a partner who adores them, stage dreams and how the show must go on despite getting your . well … monthly’s. For the sceptics in the audience Peter reassures them that if it wasn’t real, how could they be seeing it. Very true!

Peter loves Bambi so much, he dedicates Bryan Adam’s song Heaven to the love of his life, who showcases that she’s no bimbo when it comes to her dance training – we all know Bambi, that cage dancing was just a step towards you reaching for the stars. You show us how you’re both the real triple threat – dance, magic and more magic!

They may be the best looking couple on the magician circuit, but don’t think it’s just their looks that got them there. Bambi shows us that ‘bimbo’ is real and Peter is the envy of magicians like David Copperfield. They leave an imprint to the upcoming generation who will want to be ‘just like them’. The up and coming magicians will reflect on being inspired by Peter and Bambi.

If you’re wanting a Fringe show that goes back to what the festival is really about, then I suggest you check these guys out. Judging by the shrieks of laughter, this show is definitely not a fizzer!

Peter & Bambi Heaven – The Magic Inside
The Deluxe – Garden of Unearthly Delights, East Tarrace, Adelaide
Performance: Saturday 13 February 2016
Season continues to 13 March 2016

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Gypsy Wood and Asher Treleaven star in Peter & Bambi Heaven – The Magic Inside

Review: Betty Samis – All About Entertainment