Adelaide Fringe: Gospo Collective – Jackson Vs Jackson

The Gospo Collective Jackson Vs JacksonCharmaine Jones presented Gospo Collective in Jackson Vs Jackson at The Flamingo at Gluttony to a full house of all ages. The show is well rehearsed and features a massive choir at the rear and the featured vocalists at front conducted by the gorgeous Jones.

There is so much to look at and every performer gave their all to each and every song with many features and so many hits of Janet and Michael Jackson.

I must say that I literally just saw the Jacksons live at the Entertainment Centre and unfortunately for the Jacksons, this show is so much better vocally and more entertaining than the originals are now. (I do not say this lightly as I am a massive Jacksons fan.)

Brilliant arranging, energy, positivity in bucket loads, phenomenal lighting and sound make this absolutely the show to see at the Fringe. It helps that Charmaine and her maybe 100 strong cast have the biggest genuine smiles that I have seen at this year’s fringe.

The music is funky, costumes are cool and I challenge you to sit still for more than a few moments. The band led by Shaun Timms on keyboards and a great rhythm section bring The Gospo Collective to life and sounds so much bigger than its four members.

Watching this show is like eating your favourite chocolate, savouring your best meal or drinking a fine wine… I just didn’t want it to stop. The Gospo Collective are louder than the Superloop V8’s and the sound is much sweeter. With a second act, the Gospo Collective, Ms Jones and Choir could fill the Festival Theatre.

Perhaps Mr Vince Ciccarello and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra could put this into their program and I am sure it would be a massive hit. I could say more but I think you should just see Jackson Vs Jackson yourself.

If you do anything this Fringe, go see Jackson Vs Jackson – it is my pick of the Fringe as Best show 2019.

Gospo Collective – Jackson Vs Jackson
The Flamingo at Gluttony, Rymill Park, Corner East Terrace and Rundle Road, Adelaide
Season continues to 17 March 2019
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Image: Charmaine Jones and Gospo Collective presents Jackson Vs Jackson (supplied)

Review: Stephen Foenander – courtesy of All about Entertainment