Adelaide Fringe: FINALE

AF19 FINALE - photo by Jarka Chalásová AARThis wasn’t my first time seeing FINALE, but it was my favourite. I was fortunate to tag along with a friend of mine two weeks ago to see the show, and while I did find it fun and entertaining, I wasn’t wowed.

Maybe the first few shows were filled with nerves. Who am I to say? But last night was different. They found a groove, they were more carefree and playful. It was a lot more spontaneous and I found it hard not to get caught up with their magic and excitement.

Second round time I did noticed some changes and differences and they were all great additions. It’s just the little things like the interaction between the 8 performers. They were all in a playful mood and they bounced (literally and figuratively) off each other. Each performer was there to help and support each other when it was their turn for an individual performance. It was lovely to see such comradery.

Yes, this show is physical theatre at its finest. The way they can effortlessly and flawlessly balance, jump and climb high poles or ladders is fantastic. I was in awe with the slide pole performances and this alone is worth seeing. The way they climbed up the pole with such flair and elegance then slide back down with such force it really is amazing. They love what they do, and it shows.

The public debut of Van Damming is comical. For those who know Jean Claude Van Damme you will understand his signature move of the splits that he does in most of his movies. Another comical scene. I mean who doesn’t love a good split!

The music is part live as in the group there is a good ole bangin’ drummer, a rockin’ guitarist and sexy soulful singer to help add some beats to the performances. Throw in some hoops, juggling balls and a smack bang ripper of a “finale” to the show you have a one hour action thrilled show. I liked it the first time. I loved it the second time. I would go a third time given the chance!

The Peacock at Gluttony – Rymill Park, Corner East Terrace and Rundle Road, Adelaide
Performance: Wednesday 6 March 2019
Season continues to 17 March 2019
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Image: Florian Zumkehr features in FINALE – photo by Jarka Chalásová

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment