Adelaide Fringe: Comedy Hypnosis! Entranced

Isaac Lomman Comedy Hypnosis EntrancedAs soon as he steps on stage, Adelaide’s own, Isaac Lomman has the audience under his spell. His soothing voice calms the nerves of an anxious audience waiting with baited breath to be taken on a one hour journey through the world of hypnotism.

Isaac gives the audience a brief, yet fascinating insight into what it’s like to be hypnotised before asking for volunteers to join him on stage. A stampede of people run to grab one of the few seats available. After more smooth talk and lots of finger clicking the volunteers are slumped in their seats and the fun begins. The next 45 minutes bring lots of laughs, watching the participants battle with their inner selves is half the fun, the other half is seeing how far they will go to complete their crazy instructions.

At times you can find yourself analysing the behaviours of the participants, trying to gage if they are really under Lomman’s spell. Every now and again you can see the awareness rise in a volunteer and so not to ruin the illusion they are ‘awakened’ by Lomman and asked to leave the stage.

From intense Irish tap dancing to moments of forgetfulness this show has plenty to keep you entertained, though Lomman could work on the continuity of his show as unfortunate lengthy pauses ruin the atmosphere and create moments of stillness within the audience.

All in all this show is worth the watch if you happen to be looking for something different and entertaining. A show to see and support an SA artist.

Comedy Hypnosis! Entranced
The Octagon at Gluttony, Rymill Park, East Terrace, Adelaide
Performance: Friday 17 February 2017
Season continues to 19 March 2017
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Image: Isaac Lomman presents Comedy Hypnosis! Entranced (supplied)

Review: Alexandra Garden – courtesy of All About Entertainment